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  1. Again. You must use what the show has done and base things on that when discussing motives and such. Cersei would've been dead long ago in reality.
  2. But when we are discussing this show we need to take what has actually happened in the show as fact, not what we want or what we would have done.
  3. Again, Varys left with Tyrion, he has no idea what has been moved where since he left. His little birds are Qyburns now. Please tell me you aren't going to really use Winterfell as support for this? Winterfell was left unprotected because Robb felt the north was entirely safe. The Greyjoys were not seen as invaders so they were able to just walk right in. If Winterfell was closed up for a siege that never would have happened. Cersei is paranoid and on guard, has the city watch and Lannister army there, very different situation.
  4. And yet the Tarlys still did just that. Even after all that, and wiping out house Tyrell, they still supported her.
  5. Tarly called her a foreigner. Remember she didn't grow up there, has never been there until now. And a bit off subject but hey that's why we are here... Targaryens conquered Westeros by killing tens of thousands of Westerosi people. Not a stretch to think plenty of houses haven't forgotten that and do not want it happening a second time. Especially backed by Dothraki, who they all have heard rape and pillage.
  6. Your plan relies on them knowing where all the wildfire is, and how would they? Cersei is way smarter than people give her credit for. Tyrion knew of the wildfire, and she knows that. So Cersei will have moved it from the places he knew about. Give her the credit she is due.
  7. The problem is that's not exciting enough! Also, as we saw with the Tarlys', some of the bannerman would rather die than support a foreigner invading with savages. It's nonsense but in their world some would still do it. Me, I would do what you mentioned. Tell all the people who wanted no part in this to simply leave. Then just wait her out, eventually they will turn on her or she turns into the Mad Queen (which very well could happen) and she burns it all down.
  8. Not really, you can't disable wildfire. It's super volatile even for people who know how to handle it. Plus no way to know about chain reactions with stashes of it people don't even know about. It could all have been used in the Blackwater battle and Baelors sept but there is no way to know for sure.
  9. Problem is still the same as it always was. Wildfire. If you start storming the city Cersei will let you get in and then light that match and go down in "glory" taking as many of her enemies with her as possible. The Red Keep is far enough from the gates that they will definitely have alarm bells going off before anyone reaches her.
  10. I don't think anyone will. I think Gendry will reforge it into two regular sized swords. If it stays as one, The Hound would make sense because of it's size and his training with swords.
  11. So many things here...unless I am mistaken, which is possible. Sandra as you call her, should be extremely skeptical. She has spent the entire series being beaten and betrayed, why wouldn't she be skeptical? If her character didn't change, that, would be an issue. You don't understand why Arya, a key player/warrior, needs a valeryian steel dagger, which we know kills wights and walkers? Ayra almost besting Brienne was a bit much I think my eyes rolled all the way back inmy head as it was happening, but she also spent the last year or more training to be an assassin...i would assume swords would have been some part of the training, not everything appears on screen. The Dothraki didn't appear at Highgarden, that battle took place near Kings Landing, right by Dragonstone, it is explicitly said that the head of the line is already in the city walls along with the gold.
  12. Those last 5 or 6 weeks were brutal for me, so I claim the title of 3/4 season Champ! Looking forward to next season.
  13. Unfortunately I went opposite figuring it would be the only way for me to make a jump, and I did make a jump, right off a cliff!
  14. Damn it! I was looking pretty good for a while then the training wheels fell off. Damn Aints!
  15. My blinding hatred for the eggles made me choose the Bears and lose 16... I hate it when Dallas and the Eggles are involved, it screws with my logic. 2-2 but lost my 16 and 12 point picks so another week of sucking ass!
  16. If all else fails at least I picked my Cowboys to win and they did. Finally a playoff win, everything else is gravy.
  17. And there goes one of my picks, down 21-0 at the half, bye bye 8 points! You'd think I was the Steelers the way I have crumbled the second half of the season.
  18. I have a feeling I will go 0-4 this week and fall off the charts.....gut feeling and yet I can't get myself to change my picks.
  19. I kinda thought Cyborg was unbeatable, kinda like Mike Tyson in the 80's
  20. I'd like to say that I have taken it easy on everyone the last couple of weeks but that'd be a lie, just sucked ass lately!
  21. Hopefully everyone remembered to get today's picks in!
  22. Yep, last year I went from around 5-6 to 3rd during the playoffs and if I hadn't kept going for the upset against the Patriots I would have been 1st or close to it.
  23. Stop it, I know what you are doing. Put the hex proof on me and stop trying to jinx me
  24. Honestly I thought the 2nd and 3rd place teams were having good weeks and would catch up. Now this week looks tough, a lot of toss up games.
  25. Man another shit week for me, time to fall back to third place, can feel it coming!
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