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  1. As someone who spent more time on Wotmania and Readandfindout over the years than on the Westeros forum, WoT was very special to me - although it declined after the high point of Lord of Chaos, became a real drag after Path of Daggers, and then a dumpster fire once Sanderson took over. But this show in no shape or form represents Jordan’s work in any meaningful way. It is a worse adaptation than anything I could have imagined.
  2. Ok, got to Episode 8 - with incredible effort. Worst show ever. Destroyed the definitive fantasy series of the first 3 decades of my life. Hope it gets cancelled and this Rafe Whatshisface never gets to produce anything again. RJ is surely turning in his grave.
  3. Finally started watching the TV show. Could they not have chosen good looking actors with the apparently large budget they were given? Jeepers. What a let down.
  4. Through social media small, vocal minorities have gotten an outsized impact on public opinion. Most people don’t give a shit about many of these issues, but companies pander to the shrill screams of these radical minorities at the drop of a hat. Ignore them and the issues will just blow over. And cancel culture will be gone with it.
  5. Tail wagging the dog here, I would say. Australia is maybe 50% religious (including Christians, Muslims and other religions), but less than 10% LGBTQI. Christians should get what they pay for with their tax dollars, and that includes education for their kids.
  6. That’s a fundamental philosophical difference, as you rightly mentioned at the outset of this discussion. I once read an Australian based article about how many immigrant parents - particularly from Asia - arrive with very little in terms of material wealth, but nevertheless choose to have both parents work longer hours, sometimes getting jobs on the side and sacrificing short term quality of life, in order to send their kids to private schools, while many locals are content to send their kids to public schools while enjoying a more comfortable life from a material perspective. In the end, the kids of those immigrants go to university and become the doctors, engineers and CEO’s of tomorrow, while the kids of the locals then become tradies and other blue collar type workers. Obviously a rather broad generalisation, and it was written by a child of such immigrants who looked back on her lived experience on the path to success as a professional. And to that I say, all credit to those parents who were willing to make those sacrifices. Maybe a bit of the Calvinist upbringing in me, but that is exactly what SHOULD be rewarded, in my world view.
  7. So I did some quick google based “research”- most of it on sites arguing for the elimination of government funding for private schools in Australia. The argument repeatedly made was that as of 2020, private schools received more total annual funding (~$19,000 per student) than public schools (~$17,000 per student). At face value that seems obviously unfair. Until you realise that this is not comparing the government funding received by each. Because private schools only received about $10,000 per student in government funding. The remainder came from parents fees. So what this means is that students in private schools are only costing the tax payer $10k dollars a year, compared to $17k per student in public schools. If you abolished private schools, government (the tax payer), will have to fork up an extra $7k per year to absorb all the former private students into a universal public school system. So outcomes for everyone would be worse. That is fairly self evident. So it is absolutely true that government gets more bang for its buck from every tax dollar spent on supporting private schools. With parents of private students effectively sacrificing their own after tax income to fill in this gap. Ultimately they are already cross subsidizing kids in public schools, by getting less for the tax dollars they have spent.
  8. Doesn’t healthcare work on that basis as well? Those with private Health cover still get full access to tax funded medicare benefits in Australia, right? Seems like a fair system to me.
  9. Well, I guess I would say that Christian parents pay tax just like other parents. And then pay private school fees on top of that in order to send their kids to Christian schools, right? So it sounds only fair that they get at least the same tax funded educational support as non-Christian tax paying families.
  10. So what is the proposed way in which religious schools should teach their religious principles to students then? Can they still teach that X or Y is sinful according to their faith, even if students of X or Y persuasion attend the school? Or is even conveying those teachings then deemed to be discriminatory? I can’t imagine this is a better situation for the students who feel victimised by the religion in question - i.e. being allowed to attend the school but being taught that a major part of their identity is sinful.
  11. If they successfully assassinated the dragons the North could not be conquered. With dragons, however, every Northern keep could be burned to the ground - just like in Dorne.
  12. Indeed. ~300k people in the Karstark lands. ~ 5 million in the entire North. A similar number in the Riverlands and West respectively. A bit fewer (~4m) in the Vale. Still fewer (~3 million) in the Stormlands. And even fewer (~2.5 million) in Dorne. Maybe 1.5 million in the Crownlands. Up to 10 million in the Reach. Fewer than 500 thousand in the Iron Isles. (Note, Martin says that unlike in the mainland kingdoms, almost every man and even some women are warriors among the Ironborn, so even allowing for some hyperbole in that statement, they may be as low as 100-200 thousand, given their armed strength of maximum 25 thousand.) Perhaps 100 thousand North of the Wall. Total in Westeros: 35-40 million.
  13. Used to loathe Nick Kyrgios, but I gained newfound respect for his courage in supporting Novak during this farce of a process. Objectively, Australia has acted atrociously in dealing with this matter.
  14. The main issue isn’t your choice of Andal arrival date so much as your dramatic reduction of the pre-Andal time period. 2000 years ago for the Andals can work, roughly, but less than 5000 years ago for the Long Night can not.
  15. So much evidence to refute your timeline - as I and others have repeatedly done in the past. Where to start? To pick a few random points: The civilizations of Essos have actual written records that go back to the Long Night, which Westeros does not have. (Mostly because the Long Night preceded the arrival of the Andals, who brought writing to Westeros). Anyway, those records from the East make it clear that the Valyrian civilization is 5000 years old and only arose AFTER the Long Night. Old Ghis, however, existed in some fashion before the Long Night, and actually survived it, only to be defeated by a young Valyria in a series of wars 5000 years ago. The World of Ice and Fire DOES cast doubt on the original dating of the Long Night at 8,000 years ago, and suggests that it was in fact 6,000 years ago. A 2,000 year revision and that curiously also raises its head in the two conflicting historical timelines debated by the Maesters of the Citadel. It is pretty clear that Martin has sought to crunch the timeline a bit, maybe in a concession to realism, but only by lopping 2,000 years from the original mythical histories. So, the Long Night happened 6,000 years ago. Valyria rose 5,000 years ago The Andals migrated somewhere between 4,000 and 2,000 years ago (perhaps in a series of increasingly frequent raids and eventually full scale migrations that spanned much of the 4,000 - 2000 years BC timespan.) The likely Westerosi timeline therefore: First Men arrive : 10,000 years ago Long Night : 6,000 years ago Starks build the Wolf’s Den : ~4000 years ago First Andals start raiding : ~3,000 years ago Andals conquer the Vale : ~2500 years ago War Across the Water starts : ~2000 years ago with the Rape of Sisterton War Across the Water ends when the Manderlys arrive and build White Harbor, between 900 and 1300 years ago - thereby invalidating the military importance and ongoing cost of subduing the Three Sisters to protect the White Knife from raiders.
  16. The lack of isolation in Serbia post positive test has nothing to do with the visa application. The box ticked wrongly by an agent is no doubt something that happens all the time to professional athletes and on its merit not really a big deal. The PCR test conspiracy theories are just that - conspiracy theories. The argument that Novak presents a health risk to a city where Omicron is already rampant, is laughable. All that’s left, are politics and Morrison’s desire to save face.
  17. He said the crowd support at the US Open final was quite unsettling - they were cheering for him, rather than the usual booing. Seems he performs better with the boos.
  18. Saw one Australian legal expert state that he will likely be allowed to play, even if he eventually loses the appeal. Meaning the judge will likely postpone the trial until after the tournament, and in the meantime will rule that the potential loss to Djokovic of unjustly not being allowed to play outweighs the potential loss to the minister of unjustly letting him play. The tournament will run its course, the trial will then wrap up afterwards, and the ruling will then be of academic importance only.
  19. Half of twitter comments focus on “the public mood”, whether something is a “good look”, or “the optics” of a situation. Why should one’s personal convictions be influenced in any way by such considerations? These terms are from the realm of marketing gurus, PR professionals and political spin doctors - a morally bankrupt class if anyone ever deserved such a description. Be the captain of your own fate. The opinions of the mob be damned. That’s true bravery.
  20. Holy shit. Thread’s still going! Will pop in again in a couple of years.
  21. Sorry, that makes no sense in the context of your original comment. You said that because I supported Morrison on the submarine issue, I did not have grounds to criticise him on the Djokovic issue. Which is nonsense, of course. As it happens, I’m sure Albanese or “TaliDan” Andrews would have acted similarly in trying to ban Novak. So it’s a general comment on Australian Covid paranoia and the “Hey, Mom, why did Johnny get a sweet when I didn’t”, mentality.
  22. Dude, look, seriously, you literally bring up some vague, firearm ownership related argument from years ago into every post I make - on any topic whatsoever. I will be looking out for it next time I dare to comment on Jon’s parentage or Winds’ expected release date. I’m happy to debate firearm ownership in an appropriate thread, but I’m confident no one else is interested in getting side tracked into that discussion when discussing completely unrelated topics. So do us a favour and try to stay focused, will you.
  23. Wow. Nadal who - stands to gain a potential record breaking Grand Slam title if he wins the AO - supports his main rival (and tournament favourite)’s disqualification from said tournament? How courageous.
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