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  1. I still want to know why they didn’t all just hang out at Winterfell while a conveniently available Faceless Assassin snuck into King’s Landing and offed Cersei? Million lives saved. Boom!
  2. Martin isn’t writing a story about bringing democracy to a feudal society. That’s just the Showrunners idiot idea. Martin writes about power and the people who use it. The Hundred Years War didn’t end with the monarchy ending in England. It ended with a new dynasty taking power. So there is no imperative for feudalism to end in the books.
  3. These dimwit Showrunners think they are artists. That was the purpose of the horse. They think it is artistic in some way. Meanwhile it is just dumb.
  4. Jon becomes King. And disbands the Iron Throne before taking the Black.
  5. Look I have little sympathy for George’s frustrations at any “creative differences”, because the raw truth is he sold out for cash. Now for $50m I would probably have done the same in his position, but he then has to accept the consequences that come along with it. This Show has severely ruined the series for millions of book readers, but since George does not owe us anything, we don’t really have room to complain - even though it won’t stop us from doing so anyway. As for George, well, he can finally live the life he dreamed of.
  6. I’m afraid the market for brainless entertainment based on visual appeal and shock value is larger than one would think. People are dumb. And guys like D&D build careers and get rich off of them.
  7. So glad my big screen TV isn’t malfunctioning. Was fiddling with the brightness and contrast for half the episode before giving up in disgust, only to read here that it was a common experience and the episode just had crap lighting.
  8. So what was the actual point of Jon? Was there a single battle he was not rescued in? He is the greatest underachiever in the Show and yet DD expect us to feel he is a hero of some kind? Based on what?
  9. So Cersei was right not to get involved in the War against the Dead. In the end it didn't touch her. I guess according to D&D human political conflicts really were more important than saving humanity from being wiped out by an existential threat. This while George has made it clear that all the petty human squabbles are irrelevant in the face of the threat of the Others. One nice thing is that the books don't even have the Night's King as a character. As far as we know the Others aren't all animated by a single godking who, when slain, will result in a "Hasta la Vista, baby" disintegration of all wights.
  10. Well George must really not have seen this season's episodes when he made the recent comment that the ending won't differ too much from that in the books. Bloody hell, is it even possible to describe how bad this Show is?
  11. So if Theon dies in the godswood to save Bran, I reckon it is the Show’s way of circling back to Theon dying in front of the Heart Tree under Bran’s influence at the Battle of Ice in the books. Let’s see if it plays out that way in the next episode.
  12. Also can someone remind me what Mellisandre’s current status is in the Show? Did Jon send her away on pain of death or something like that, if I recall correctly? Or was she executed? Haven’t rewatched any episodes since they last aired and kind of forgot how her plot played out.
  13. Back in Book 1 Bloodraven told Bran that he had to live in order to save the world. Bran seems to be at the very heart of it all.
  14. I mean, the first conversation that needs to be had is the heroes asking Bran :”So how were the Others defeated the last time?” Really not rocket science.
  15. So is it just me or does everything feel a tad repetitive? As much as Hirst talks about expanding the breadth of the Show each season, it feels like this might be the sixth or seventh time that Kattegat has been fought over. And mostly involving the same people. And has someone plausibly explained yet what King Harald’s motivation was to attack Kattegat with Bjorn? He already had Kattegat under his control through his puppet Ivar, who he put on the Throne of Kattegat in the first place. Doesn’t seem to make sense.
  16. Well that was hugely disappointing for Floki. Do they have to crush his faith utterly? There was no need for that, man. As for what he found, I guess they’re going with the legends of Irish monks being the first to discover Iceland. Conveniently placing their stone cross in a cave that would have been covered by lava by our time, neatly erasing any such evidence in the present day.
  17. Lord Varys

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    Free Northman

  18. It seems clear that Euron is not feeding Aeron precious Shade of the Evening just for shits and giggles. Euron doesn't care about the visions that Aeron is experiencing. No, he is doing this with a purpose. The reference to holy man with holy blood, together with the warlocks, Septons and Red Priest in the dungeons, makes it clear that Euron is using Shade of the Evening to awaken the magical properties in Aeron's blood. As he says, he has need of that blood. And that is of course to serve as the blood sacrifice to power the spell he is going to use to sink the Redwyne fleet. I'm sure Pyat Pree and the septons are being tied to the prows of some of his other ships. And as for Falia Flowers - she carries Euron's son or daughter in her belly. So by sacrificing her he is adding some King's Blood to the spell. Some powerful magical stuff about to go down.
  19. Nonsense. Martin has written plenty of dark, evil characters. This fable of him only writing grey characters really needs to be put to bed. The Tickler The Mountain Ramsay Bolton The Lord of Bones Qyburn Vargo Hoat Shagwell The Slavers of Meereen, Yunkai and Astapor The friggin entire Dothraki nation - an entire culture of pure evil The list goes on and on
  20. Yeah, I agree that there is no evidence for it. But the reference to Euron dreaming that he could fly, when he was young, certainly hints to his greenseeing talent. Whether he was contacted by Bloodraven thereafter, however, well, we have no evidence for that.
  21. I don't see why a magical ancestor is required for someone to have greenseeing talent. We learn that one man in a million with First Man blood has the greenseeing talent. Given that ratio, Bran and Bloodraven should have a few dozen compatriots spread across Westeros. Maybe the one in a million was just a figure of speech, so it might be rarer than that. But Euron being one with such a Gift is easily explained within that context.
  22. I don't think Valyrian steel was produced by Dragonlords in any case. I think it was produced by the blood-sorcerer craftsmen of Old Valyria. And the Dragonlords employed such artisans much like a Westerosi lord employes a Maester or Smith. Only, these guys were quite rare, even in Valyria. I expect that the Targaryens weren't wealthy enough to bring such a sorcerer to Dragonstone.
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