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    Favorite Books:
    -Inheritance Series

    Favorite Tv Shows:
    -Game of Thrones
    -Spartacus Series
    -Walking Dead
    -Black Sails
    -DaVinci's Demons
    -White Collar
    -Sons of Anarachy
    -South Park

    Favorite Movies;
    -Grand Tarino
    -Forest Gump
    -District 9

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    -Assassin's Creed Series AC1-AC4BF
    -Fallout Series
    -Elder Scroll's Series
    -Dragon Age Origins
    -Mass Effect Series
    - GTA5

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    -Three Days Grace
    -Five Finger Death Punch
    -Wiz Khalifa
    - Eminem
    - Avenged Sevenfold
    - Green Day
    -Papa Roach
    -Rise Against
    -Notourious B.I.G.
    - Juicy J
    - Good Charlotte

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  1. OMG!!!!! At my High school we have this game called Senior Tag, and all the seniors pay 10 bucks to play and break up into teams of 5 and use nerf guns&blades to get each other out. And whichever team wins gets the pot. Well one of my friends was about to get nerf-knifed and before he stabbed him, the guy who stabbed him shouted "The Lannisters send their regards!" I just got the text and I'm sittin here dying!

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