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    Thanks. The search was blocked by anti-spam, anti-adds plugins of my browser so I didn't see them.
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    In the previous state of the forum you could search? How do you search now, because I cannot find search anywhere? Is there a setting that enables searches? Please help and thanks for help.
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    Do you think the show is better or worse for not including Young Griff?

    The plots in their selves are fine , even great especially Aegon one or Euron one, but the books and show had too many major ones. There is too much complexity for a book series and the same applies to tv shows. For movies and shows the maximum level of complexity that you can show is a lot smaller than the maximum complexity level for the books. The plan was for 3 books detailing 3 major things. First book would be the Lannister - Stark civil war, the second part would be the Targeryan invasion, and the last part would be the Others invasion. The first part grew from 1 book to 3-4 books so the second and third part needed to be just as complex as the first one. But this is an insane amount of work to write, that no one could downsize in just 2 books, and no tv channel would be able to adapt such a mammoth book cycle , even if the books would be complete. So Martin convince the network they would have to adapt 7 books where in reality would be more likely around 9 - 12 books. Aegon, Briene, Quentin, Euron and Lady Stoneheart works for 9 - 12 books series but doesn't work for a 7 book series. That i believe is what keeping Martin from publishing Winds too small space in the Winds, too many plots to fit, too important to cut.
  4. thor2006

    Do you think the show is better or worse for not including Young Griff?

    FAegon like Quentin journey and Brienne one is a symptom of Martin loosing the plot and getting too much into details to the detriment of the overall story arc, and slowing or stopping the books path to climax and finish. The show already juggled with too many plots , adding another major one would make the show unfinished before being canceled as the books would probably be unfinished by Martin. So removing Aegon made sense both from the series practical constraints (like money and time both for filming and time for the show episodes) and from a story perspective(there are too many major concurrent plots in the books adding Aegon would be too much). All this for a secondary character that his role is of a speedbump and to make a complicated plot even more complicated.
  5. thor2006

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

    For big monsters like Tywin, Littlefinger, Euron,Ramsey I only hate them. They will never be my favorites. But for characters I hate my favorite is either Joffrey or Roose. They are middle of the road villain , still evil but not so evil like the big one like Tywin, Littlefinger, Euron,Ramsey.
  6. thor2006

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    5000 casualties aka 10% for Field of Fire is in the province of indecisive battles or big skirmishes in history(ancient and medieval periods). The fact that the Lannisters and the Reach surrender after so little bloodshed is a big plus for how little the Targs were hated and Aegon diplomacy skills. I dint see the Field of Fire as a bloody battle. The books make the Field of Fire as a bloody and bloodshed battle, but in reality it is a low casualty battle.
  7. It is good. Probably forgot a few persons. Like Tywin, Vargo Hoat,Ramsey and Reek, Roose maybe,maybe Rattleshirt, Euron and so on. What this book doesn't lack is the complete monsters.
  8. Can i have a link please?
  9. That sin can be imputed to all heroes and villains in the book Essosi, Westerosi. So it is irrelevant to single her when Eddard, Robb, Dornish, Stannis are guilty of the same things. It is the Westeros system so I don't understand why only Dany gets the blame? In my country we abolished slavery where there still absolute rulers and feudal nobility like others country in the world. Doesn't make that accomplishment anything but good. The people who did that were not evil just because they also didn't abolished the feudal system and absolute rule alongside slavery. Also Dany gave the slaves the right to improve themselves ,hope for a better system that no hope was before like many others abolitionists. The fact in your mind they solution was not perfect doesn't mean it is the right choice to do to try to crush slavery in Slavers Bay. The fact that Reconstruction failed and Jim Crow followed doesn't mean that American slaves should have stayed enslaved waiting for perfection.
  10. And a lot of people wanted to continue to be slaves after the Civil War or other countries that abolished slavery, but that is not an argument for slavery renaming as an institution or an indictment about the wicked Abraham Lincoln and other abolitionists .
  11. House Targaryen. They have the best story. Heritage from valyria, the last dragonriders, dragon dreams, prophets, warriors, kings. They have extraordinary appearance and managed to unite the Westerosi kingdoms under their rule for the first time. I don't consider Jon a Targeryan. I also like House Tyrell. The better ,kinder , nicer Lannisters.
  12. Lyanna didn't promise to marry anyone. She was in the classical forced marriage with an unwilling bride.
  13. Agreed. The only mistake Dany made is that she was too soft.
  14. thor2006

    Do D&D hate feminity?

    Ramsey is not gay. Renly and Loras you mean.
  15. I liked Dany best followed by Jon and Tyrion. Also Varys is a fan favorite of mine.