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  1. alexwebb2

    I made a visual timeline of events

    About 200 hours and 4500 lines of code... and counting!
  2. alexwebb2

    I made a visual timeline of events

    Yeah, I'll probably open source it. I have some work to do to clean it up / rip out some of the ASOIAF specific things / give it a more developer-friendly API / document it, but I think that'll happen.
  3. alexwebb2

    I made a visual timeline of events

    It's a custom library I built on top of Fabric.js - I needed something that gave me a lot of control over the rendering (custom-stop line fading and color transitions, variable link sizing, link gravity, custom text positioning, shadows/blurs to represent Stannis's shadow assassin, extra graphical elements like the background book hints and comet, custom curve stops, etc) and abstracted away some of the busy work (automatic text sizing and line breaks, curve calculations, padding assignments, relative positioning, etc). That didn't exist, so I had to build it, but the end result is much better than if I had tried to use something off the shelf. It enables me to add events like this: this.addEvent(['05/17/00', 'Lannister', "Red Keep", Lat.KingsLanding - 15, {id: 'cersei-to-high-septon'}], [ ['osney-to-high-septon', 'Lannister', 'Cersei', {count: 14000}], ])
  4. alexwebb2

    I made a visual timeline of events

    That's an interesting idea. I don't think it's really possible for most of F&B, but I could see it for the Dance and the Conquest. Do you know if anyone has put together a detailed timeline for those in the same vein as the notes that were put together for the main series? That would help a lot.
  5. alexwebb2

    I made a visual timeline of events

    I'd say the hardest part was the Lannister movements and engagements from the opening of the war up to the Blackwater. It was greatly complicated by a few factors: I'm limited to one dimension for geographic representation - the Y axis - so I wrestled with where to place the various regions. I ended up going in "NIVRWC" order: the North (N), the Iron Islands (I), the Vale (V), the Riverlands (R), the Westerlands (W), and the Crownlands (C), but that wasn't always the case - I tried out other ways of mapping it, like NVRWIC, NRIWVC, NIWRVC, etc. Everything had pros and cons, and this felt like the best overall, but it does mean that the Battle of the Fords doesn't make much sense in terms of how I'm displaying it. It is what it is. The wiki has a few instances of self-inconsistent troop levels for the Lannisters and Starks across this portion of the war, which tripped me up a bit. There's just a lot of action in a tight space on the screen, which meant a lot of manual position and linepath tweaks to keep things from overlapping. Darry! Ugh. I kept going "did I do Darry yet? yeah, Darry's done", and then realizing I was wrong and there was more. The damn thing changes hands FIVE times.
  6. I've created a visual version of the timeline of events, drawing in part from the spreadsheet linked in this thread from a few years back. It's up at atimelineoficeandfire.github.io if anyone's interested! Here's a zoomed-out preview: https://i.imgur.com/ozi1sZG.png