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  1. Nah, we are just sick of people going into a Chipotle and asking for a cheeseburger. And yes, he did create a world in which weird sex and violence was the norm.
  2. http://www.barb.co.uk/ According to this website, Game of Thrones is more popular in the UK then TBBT and The Walking Dead.
  3. I completely agree. Dorne was without question the one big misstep. Personally I thought this season was just as good as the last 4 and much better then what was in the books overall.
  4. For the last 7 days in television ratings.... For the key demographic. The #1 & #2 shows were the NBA. #3 was Game of Thrones. It even beat the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Even when network television is in full swing, Game of Thrones loses to Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead. And it has more international appeal then both of those shows.
  5. No good dialogue. So Tyrion and Dany's table scene was not good dialogue?
  6. For scripted television on cable, Game of Thrones is easily #2, only behind The Walking Dead. It loses to a few live sports events during the year as well. In terms of the key demographic, it still beats everything scripted on network TV besides The Big Bang Theory. And when both shows were being released in April, GoT was beating TBBT on Comcast on Demand. And that doesn't even take into consideration the international appeal of the show. It is a huge success no matter which you look at it. You have to really want to hate on the show to deny it.
  7. Every script is changed by a director. There i no proof a hater of the show will take. The Troy script was very popular in Hollywood at the time. He wrote 25th Hour. And HBO has commended him on his great writing for GoT. Three examples of his greatness. He did better on adapting books 4 and 5 then GRRM did at writing them.
  8. Once again.... The movie changed the script and didn't do it justice. There is a reason why it was the hottest script in Hollywood at the time. The guy knows how to write. HBO has said the same thing about him.
  9. The cliffhangers certainly felt like a favor to GRRM. They have never ended on cliffhangers like that before. They are giving GRRM one last chance to get caught up before they pass him during the last season.
  10. The script of Troy was said to be amazing. The hottest script in Hollywood at the time. It is also said that the movie didn't do the script justice.... He also wrote 25th Hour....
  11. The great thing about death for Jon Snow is that it allows him to leave the Night's Watch.
  12. And yet it is the most watched season so far according to HBO.... Benioff is anything but a hack. He is a very accomplished writer.
  13. Water is the least of worries in huge snowstorms. When power goes out for a week when a blizzard hits, people have a hard enough time in their houses which drop to 40 degrees....
  14. People who are complaining about the cold not being a motivating factor to sacrifice his daughter have obviously not lived in a snow filled winter. When it is zero degrees and there are 2 feet of snow on the ground.... it hurts to be outside in just a minute....
  15. Concerning wine.... "I don't partake". Both Roose and Tycho have uttered these exact words when talking about drinking wine. A connection? Both Faceless Men?
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