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  1. Good times... http://www.iflscience.com/environment/flatearthers-experiment-goes-viral-just-not-in-the-way-hed-hoped/
  2. Pretty sure he has, actually. Didn't he react negatively to the batteries that were brought 'for the tape recorder'? There's also the fact that he forced people to leave their phones outside, rather than just turn them off. And I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure Jimmy asked him if he'd be able to sense it, and then the way he reacted when he had it in his hand...... he clearly BELIEVES it would affect him. To me it seems pretty cut and dried that he believed that batteries affect him. the science is irrelevant, because there;s no science behind any of it, including the electromagnetic field part. it's completely made up.
  3. the point was that he CLAIMED he would know about it. Debating the technical realities is irrelevant, since it's not a real disease anyway. There are no hard and fast scientific rules except the ones Chuck invents.
  4. yeah. This is my big complaint with the show this season. These guys are able to predict EXACTLY what the other guy will do. Except when the other guy needs to win, then THAT guy can predict what the other guy is going to do exactly. The 'is there something in your pocket? there's no battery in your phone, is there?' is the most recent, but far from only, example. Why was that even in there? it was so contrived and so unnecessary to the plot. People are not robots, and just do not react in ways that are that completely predictable down to the littlest detail. I'm having a really hard time suspending my disbelief.
  5. Swordfish

    American Gods on Starz

    I read the book a long time ago, but I don't really remember much about it. I'm trying to decide when the best time is for a re-read, and I might just watch this til the end and revisit the book in a couple years.
  6. A friend of mine got their daughter two gerbils, and one of the cannibalized the other ones face off.
  7. They didn't charge him with destroying evidence, as far as I know. That was a key part of Chuck's plan from the beginning. To get Jimmy in court without going into the details about what was on the tape.
  8. it's clear the contents of the tape are not going to be discussed in the trial, and nothing Jimmy did that day, all of which was witnessed by two people, indicated he was acting out of concern for Chuck. But again, I guess we'll see.
  9. I just don't think it's relevant, given the charges, which are pretty cut and dried, regardless of Chuck's mental state. What's in the confession is irrelevant and unlikely to be discussed, so i don't know why you're even bringing that up. We'll find out I guess in the next couple weeks.
  10. Just about everything Jimmy said after he kicked the door in, just to start.......
  11. I don't remember that. Thanks!
  12. Hmmm... Interesting. I assumed that the cinnabon was between BCS and Breaking bad,.
  13. Except you have two other witnesses that can discredit that entire story. Given the fact that we know Jimmy ends up working in a cinnabon, I don't know why you guys think he's getting out of this.
  14. He kicked in the door and destroyed property that didn't belong to him. You can't do that, even if the homeowner is crazy.
  15. I'm not sure that would help. there were two other witnesses (very conveniently).
  16. One of my two complaints about the episode. They played Jimmy's behavior WAY over the top. you don't have to beat me over the head with this. The other is the PI/witness stuff. That feels pretty forced to me. I'm starting to actually get a bit of a bad feeling about this show. The Mike stuff is still solid, but even there, they are going to the 'strong, no dialogue Mike shot' a little often for my taste.
  17. Swordfish

    Board games!

    Second to Carcassonne. Valeria also good. Tiny Epic Kingdoms is fun. We play a fair amount of Pandemic Iberia, but have not yet played Legacy. Sounds intriguing. We also play a lot of Jaipur when it's just the two of us.
  18. Swordfish

    MMA & Boxing 19: Cody Garbrandt's Dance Party

    I just don't get how they could let that happen. it's a black eye for the commission and the sport.
  19. Swordfish

    MMA & Boxing 19: Cody Garbrandt's Dance Party

    What's the story on that weigh in? Surprised it hasn't been mentioned here. Looked pretty shady to me, but I know next to nothing about the rules for this stuff.
  20. Luckily most of us prefer our human body medium rare, I guess.
  21. This drives me absolutely nuts.
  22. I've also been enjoying 'The Mick', where Dee basically plays Dee.
  23. Pretty sure that requires power. I just don't get the uproar over mexico. Why do they care? it's not like they have somewhere better they need to get to. the whole premise makes no sense. There was no reason to keep it a secret because there's no reason for anyone to object. That conversation pretty much would go down like this: Strand: 'well, the US is fucked, but I have this safe house in mexico we could check out'. Everyone else: 'OK' it's the phoniest piece of drama since Kim Kardassian.
  24. Swordfish

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Drinkably decent, but not delicious.