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  1. SheRa Seastar


    This is Robot. He is 9 months old and an idiot.
  2. Best one this series. I haven't recovered yet.
  3. Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion) is in Fortitude. He is also the voice of the irresponsible dad on Lily's driftwood bay
  4. I've just started binge watching sons of anarchy, and LC Mormont is one of the better ones of the hilariously awful IRA members
  5. Mark 'Bobby Baratheon' Addy is currently in Remember Me on bbc. It's a modern ghost story and also stars Michael Palin
  6. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Have you changed your name?
  7. Hi Michelle, my uncle lives in tasmania, he walked down a mountain to work the other day for charity. That's about all I can tell you about Tasmania. Welcome to the boards!
  8. Yes, I think I did. It was a while ago though. That's what I like about these boards, some threads never die!
  9. Hi all, I'm Clare. I'm from liverpool, England and I've been lurking these boards for a while now. I started off with the show but I received the books last Christmas and stormed through them. My favourite character changes daily. I'm particularly interested in the mystical/prophecy elements to the story, but I am neither eloquent nor original enough to come up with anything to add to the discussions so far, so you'll usually find me on the more light hearted threads.
  10. The actor who plays Tommen has just cropped up in Glue on E4
  11. Charles Dance is in that great fire of London thing. Could he be the British Alan Dale, aka, actor who crops up in everything?
  12. A very young Harry Lloyd was in the bbc version of David Copperfield with a very young Daniel Radcliffe
  13. I liked the swirly Valerian steel in Oathkeeper, didnt notice it in Joffrey's sword. I also liked Dany's new hair-do, those Meereenese know how to do a nice braid.
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