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  1. I love this scene in the book, even though it was short in the show, I love it regardless. Because it's so epic! http://i.imgur.com/POKqPej.jpg
  2. So Jorah, this has become you... Death, he knew, but slow. I still have time. A year. Two years. Five. Some stone men live for ten. Time enough to cross the sea, to see Griffin’s Roost again. To end the Usurper’s line for good and all, and put Rhaegar’s son upon the Iron Throne. **He will play an influential part to put Jon on the throne, somehow, (there's no fAegon), or not at all.
  3. I hope book readers caught this part when Jon and Sam went down from the top of the wall to help out with the fight inside the castle. Jon: I don't want you out there. Sam: You can't protect me forever, there won't be anywhere to hide if the castle falls. Jon held out the key to Sam (to unlock the door where Ghost was being held) Jon: I need him more than I need you. Did show runners just foreshadowed the events at Jon's stabbings? Not the detailed explanation of 'second-life' of a skinchanger (Varamyr's prologue), but I think it adds weight to the theory, in my opinion.
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