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  1. JRRStark

    Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

    Jon is the heir because Rheagar was Areys heir. Viserys was the younger son. He and Dany would be Jon's Uncle ands Aunt. If we take the principle that the heir goes with the eldest son (or eldest child). This assumes Jon was legit. Which if it is revealed soon it will be interesting to see if Dany bends the knee as she was so keen for Jon to do as she perceives herself to be the rightful heir.
  2. JRRStark

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    True, maybe that is one of the bittersweet things they never get to meet. A though just occurred that Jon has become detached from the other Starks, and may soon find out from bran or others he is targaryen after all.
  3. JRRStark

    Stark Reunions compared

    Sansa was always least like Ned of the Stark children. She has been scheming, BoB's and in front of the lords of the North undermining him. She is playing the game. Although not disloyal to jon etc she definitely wants to be on a throne or leader of a great house. Bran will have see all this, He knows she is still more interested in power than the NK. Arya and Jon dress and act like Ned. Sansa is more a lady of the South, hence the almost lack of thrust. So the non-hug was very deliberate. When it comes down to it later if Sansa sees a shot at the throne at the expense of the others she will take it. After all she learned from Cersei and LF. Jon even said she sounded like she admired Cersei. From the beginning she liked her lemon cakes and was excited to be Jofferys bride, queen of the 7 kingdoms. Until it all went pear shaped. Whats changed she has learned to scheme and become hardened.
  4. JRRStark

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    Well two of them are in the north now and maybe mel will be there too. However as the story moves on I believe her list changes as with the hound. Its Cersei the mountain and Ilyn payne are the main ones in KL. But she chose winterfell 1st. I cannot see her leaving without seeing Jon. That will change everything for her. Jon Bran and Arya the dream team.
  5. JRRStark

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    Who is left on Aryas list. Apart from cersei down south?
  6. JRRStark

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    Yes I think she will follow Jon if possible, she was close to him and she would join his fight. However she is the main instrument of Stark especially Ned's revenge. She will also finish her list with the exception of the hound who is now kinda on their side and whom she has gained respect for. She could be the one to kill the NK. after he kills Jon (which lets face it isn't a terminal condition in westeros). But there is certainly some significance in Bran giving it to Arya. He more than likely knew he was going to get it and give it to Arya and also probably knows what she is going to do with it. Hence you can understand his bored expression all the time. He is focused on the NK which he must not be able to see so well and figure out. Actually thinking about it, it could also explain why he wasn't fussed about Meera going as he already knows he will be seeing her again, just can't really tell her.
  7. JRRStark

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    I thought it was more simple than that, given that it is the show and some of the backstory will be lost as it would be too hard to show. Basically the simplest explanation is this was the dagger that LF gave an assassin to kill Bran, whether this was at the behest of cersei or just to cause the war of the 5 kings for his ladder climbing. LF also had a knife to neds throat when he betrayed (or fooled as he was never on his side anyway) back in the first series. So a bit of poetic justice he will be killed with it by Arya. Hoisted by his own petard. However the biggest flaw with this theory is its LF and he is so good at plotting and seeing the plans of others but again he has meet his match in bran who sees everything and ironically has no interest in the game LF is playing. Otherwise Arya kills Cersei with it as all the conversations and lingering camera shots on the protagonists foreshadow LF/arya making it too obvious and I think we know not to expect the expected.
  8. JRRStark

    Heresy 201 and onward we go...

    Jon is ice and fire (perhaps if theorys come true) This is a battle between a life force driven by fire against a lifeforce driven by ice. His is the song of ice and fire. Everyone else is either one or the other. He is meant to bring balance into the world. On there own neither force is wholly bad or good, it depends on your viewpoint. mel is quite happy to burn people alive for her cause as are the icy folk happy to kill. Both sides can resurrect but one with fire one with ice. This seems to be the overarching theme of the books. Good and bad depends on viewpoint largely. Reality should lie somewhere in between. Being able to see both points of view. Jon who is one of the few who has witness the horrors of both sides, But the books as I believe GRRM said isn't going to go to the level of gods they are something in the background (if at all). Something upset the balance long ago, perhaps the invasion of the first men. One side got too powerful and had to be beaten. Then they are too weak. Valyria was destroyed by fire, westeros nearly by ice. Somebody worked out that to get water we cant have too much ice or fire. Hence the song. Rheagar knew the song. He was essentially good but happy to kill for aerys even if was planning to fix it all afterward. If there is balance in these primordial forces then everybody can get on with just ignoring them.
  9. I think one of the major points of show/books is there are no good v bad characters. Everybody is somewhere in between. Dany used dragons to defeat an army but then destroyed the harvest so the city will starve when winter comes. Good she didn't melt people in the city. Bad cos they will starve instead if the city is put under siege. After that battle it looks like the Lannister army took heavy damage, but many were already in the city with the gold. Drogon can be killed with the scorpion, so KL's walls will be bristling with them soon, which makes a dragon attack much more risky anyway. So it looks like a bit of a stalemate for a while there. So the people in the city will be the ones to suffer anyway. Dany wants to rule, she justifies it by hoping the people will see me as a nice ruler. She is not about to turn around and go, oh you don't want me fair enough I'll just take my dragons to the summer isles and retire then. More like oh you don't like me, have a good look at my dragons and think again. At least with Cersei there is no pretence, I'm the Queen, if you don't like it you die. Whereas with Jon its ok I'll save the world then you can all bugger off and leave me to play with ghost.
  10. JRRStark


    That scene was to show Bran was not Bran anymore he is the 3 eyed crow. That may mean more than he just gone all miserable, perhaps he is just the vessel or some such. More likely he just has so much stuff going on. He has basically seen all the misery across time and has no room for emotion. He is as cold as the NK who he must defeat. However Meera, will be seen again as Howland Reed is the only one who was present at the tower of joy to confirm what Bran saw is true. Perhaps there is unfinished business between these two?
  11. JRRStark

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    Good catch this they did do a lot of shots of the blade and hilt, so they were probably hinting at something. Just because LF said it was Tyrions doesn't mean he always had it. He must have got it from somewhere since the Lannisters were the only house who didn't have a valyrian sword before they broke up ice. Tywin was in KL after the mad king etc died so could easily have picked up any spoil. If Rheagar had it on the battlefield might be harder to get, but not the sort of thing to get passed over. LF was trying to cause chaos which is why Bran used the comment to let him know he basically knew that he was behind it all.
  12. JRRStark

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    Bran repeats the line it was someone wealthy who owed the dagger. Given he is the 3 eyed crow, I'm pretty sure he actually knows who that is and probably doesn't care about that stuff anymore. However he does give it to Arya who clearly does care about that stuff and since he probably knows the contents of Aryas list again indicated by his comments about it and her choice at the crossroads. Most likely outcome given the looks of LF in the episode and sansa also saying he can't be trusted, is Arya will slit his throat or at least have the knife to it in the same way he had a knife to Ned's. However given its LF he will no doubt have something sneaky up his sleeve. Quite what his influence over anyone anymore with Jon king in the north and the vale pledged to him I don't know why anyone puts up with him. His only hope is manipulating Sansa into a position where she trys to grab winterfell from Jon but things are gone beyond that. So if LF has served his purpose re any plot lines a good time to go. He must have some other secrets otherwise events have overtaken him
  13. JRRStark

    Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

    interesting I thought the most telling comment was from davos about jon looking at her 'heart' breast before the bastard conversation and jon shrugged it off as we have more important stuff going on. Is this trying to cut off any possibility of him and dany coming together because she is his aunt, when it is revealed. I'm getting a picture of a mutual respect building based on like minds or close relation. The bond he has with arya and sansa. As too proof, jon will not need any when Bran tells him and Bran's word will be enough for him. He will also tell him he is a wrag and can probably control dragons. Considering he is resurrected and has seen the dead walk, that should be small fry for him really.
  14. JRRStark

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thank you
  15. JRRStark

    The Night King and Northern Castles

    Yes everybody could flee south but what would be the point, The NK's army will just keep coming, the further they come the more dead they will have. Which I think was basically what happened the first time (long night??). As to wun wun tearing down the gates. He did but he was also killed in so doing and they were not prepared for giants. Jon will be better organised with burning oil and such stuff. The walls of winterfell are also smooth and designed to prevent people scaling them. There is also the crypts with one narrow entrance. To run south wouldn't help in the long run as eventually you run out of south. So it makes sense to make winterfell the last stand. It would make more sense if Jon could convince anyone else of this. As to the other castles. Some are just wooden fortifications and none can compare to winterfell