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    Heresy 201 and onward we go...

    Jon is ice and fire (perhaps if theorys come true) This is a battle between a life force driven by fire against a lifeforce driven by ice. His is the song of ice and fire. Everyone else is either one or the other. He is meant to bring balance into the world. On there own neither force is wholly bad or good, it depends on your viewpoint. mel is quite happy to burn people alive for her cause as are the icy folk happy to kill. Both sides can resurrect but one with fire one with ice. This seems to be the overarching theme of the books. Good and bad depends on viewpoint largely. Reality should lie somewhere in between. Being able to see both points of view. Jon who is one of the few who has witness the horrors of both sides, But the books as I believe GRRM said isn't going to go to the level of gods they are something in the background (if at all). Something upset the balance long ago, perhaps the invasion of the first men. One side got too powerful and had to be beaten. Then they are too weak. Valyria was destroyed by fire, westeros nearly by ice. Somebody worked out that to get water we cant have too much ice or fire. Hence the song. Rheagar knew the song. He was essentially good but happy to kill for aerys even if was planning to fix it all afterward. If there is balance in these primordial forces then everybody can get on with just ignoring them.
  2. JRRStark

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thank you
  3. JRRStark

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Has there been any confirmation anywhere that howland reed will appear sometime in a future book?
  4. JRRStark

    Bran is the Night King

    This has been mooted in the book forums, maybe Bran isn't a good guy after all. However I think it has more to do with his concern with the real fight which is of ice and fire he is not interested in the game of thrones as in who is king/queen in KL. His robotic 'chat' with Sansa was showing her he is aware of everything, now, in the past and the future. It just that he hasn't made sense of how it fits together. It was clear he is only interested in seeing Jon as he too must have some of the powers that Bran has. He does not yet know he can wrag snow (and maybe dragons). Sansa no longer has a direwolf and with littlefingers tutelage is playing the game of thrones. Of the Starks she was always the one who as most southron like. I wonder if that man that leaf turned into the NK was a stark. A Brandon stark, there seems to be one in every generation and is this why there must be a stark in winterfell. Some sort of deal done so the NK wouldn't attack one of their own? This is clearly mentioned and there has to be some reason for it. We know bran can affect the timeline. Hodor is a clear example and the young Ned sensed him at the tower of joy. With more training he will be able to influence past events, but this is dangerous. He does say to sansa he needs more training. I don't think he is or will be the NK, but there is some connection with the starks. Somehow it is bran and jon who will have to sort out this mess. Interesting also that Arya and Nymeria scene, as she too must have wraging ability. But is that being passed up because of budgets. Three wraging starks and three dragons, might be interesting. Sorry gone a bit off your post, but I think there is something in the link especially the wording of Leaf's confession, that cannot be an accident. My feeling is the starks and the WW and CotF are connected somehow, as to how ??
  5. JRRStark

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    I think jon snow coundn't give a **** says more than all the titles. Of course If we believe R+L =J Then he would have all her titles and his own plus if he is the ptwp, we would need a whole episode just to say them all
  6. JRRStark

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Ok so He never wrote the letter in the end. I knew Varys would read it but didn't know he told Ned he would do so.
  7. JRRStark

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Ah! ok thanks. I was thinking it was to do with Jon and his regrets about not getting around to telling him about his mother.
  8. JRRStark

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Did Ned give a letter to Varys and does anyone think it will ever be delivered?
  9. Benjen, Nights King, Starks Shadows all over the place

    1. JRRStark


      Further to the recent episode where the White walker king appears to be the Nights King, Is there a link to Benjen. If the Nights King was originally a Stark, Is Benjen this 'new' Nights King. I can't help thinking everything north of the wall is Stark related, (For than matter it will transpire most things south will soon be as well. I have no evidence for this, But he has to be somewhere? Thoughts

    2. Stannis Eats No Peaches

      Stannis Eats No Peaches

      The Others started returning before Benjen's disappearance. Wouldn't this White Walker Night's King have been around at the beginning to lead them?