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  1. Clear your inbox! I can't PM you :(

    1. Annara Snow

      Annara Snow

      Sorry, I never read my profile feed, so I only saw your message today. I didn't know there would be problems with people sending me PMs, since I don't have problems sending others messages and getting their replies. I'll go clear it now.

  2. This is reaching IMO. As others have said, the vision was clear that the maiden with serpents in her hair is the one who slays the giant, who was Sansa. This scene was foreshadowed further when Sansa tore the head off SR's doll (which was acting as a "giant" at the time) over a literal castle made of snow. GRRM likes to do these things in threes. #1 was the vision, #2 was the snowcastle scene and #3 will be the event itself, Sansa killing LF.
  3. FireAndBlood.

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    I haven't seen it yet, but can anyone quickly tell me if they play the Stark theme over at least part of the snow castle scene?