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  1. They say they are sending Jon to the NW to stop a war with the Unsullied who are all on a boat to the Summer Islands. Lol. When Jon & company go beyond the wall they shut it for reasons. Lol. At least he pet Ghost. I yelled at the screen "pet the puppy ". I guess all things said it could've been worse. Not much though.
  2. Narvi

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    Go some place warm.
  3. Narvi

    What was Bran doing the whole time?

    Bran like my teenage son got bored and went back to his video games.
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    I've been posting for a couple months but I never did an introduction. Been an avid reader, rereader of this series since book 1. Been lurking the forums for years. The tapatalk app has been wonderful in helping me participate being on the go most of the time. You can find me in the book sections almost daily now. I love throwing in my 2 cents when I think useful.