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  1. Tarly definitely said the gold was safe in KL. In the behind the scenes they said the gold was in the loot train. Just have to go with it at this point. Continuity went out the door a while back.
  2. At this point I'm convinced he'll just give loose ends the D&D treatment. I hope not but......
  3. Blame Lady Mormont not spell check.
  4. Sandra is worse than ever. You think the knowledge of an army of fresh southern nights might help before hand? Damn. That is one well preserved Shaggydog head. Rickon, alligators and arrows have one thing in common. You have to zig zag. Poor guys in Bolton first wave didn't get the friendly fire memo. Wun Wun the last of the giants killed by an arrow in the eye. Outside of Sandra who is worse than the book version episode was fun.
  5. Narvi

    This book is quite boring....

    The best part of AFFC to me is the insight to the plight of the small folk. This is definitely going to have some bearing on the future novels I believe. The Cersei chapters are just comedy gold. The Jamie chapter have made him one of my favorite POV's now. It's also nice to see that there's one true knight still left in Westeros. Even though officially she's not a knight. When she takes on all 7 to save the children it's just beautiful. Too many and no choice. Just finished the fourth reread hadn't read it in a couple years.
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    I've been posting for a couple months but I never did an introduction. Been an avid reader, rereader of this series since book 1. Been lurking the forums for years. The tapatalk app has been wonderful in helping me participate being on the go most of the time. You can find me in the book sections almost daily now. I love throwing in my 2 cents when I think useful.