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    Tyrion the peeping tom

    I've been thinking about this a lot too. As far as Tyrion's scenes in the episode, I'm bothered by this one and the one with Cersei that cut away without showing what Tyrion said to her to convince her to join the fight (or pretend to). I really don't want to think of Tyrion as a traitor, but he is a manipulator, so I think he made some kind of deal with Cersei that this relationship between Jon and Dany could undo. I have some thoughts about what that could be, but nothing good enough to put out there.
  2. 10 for me! Looking back, I think other than the battles themselves, which were awesome, my favorite moments were: -Grey Worm one-handed slicing the two master's necks, buh bye. -Jon grabbing the shield and walking right into Ramsay's arrows like a boss. Then also beating the shit out of him with his bare fists. I thought Jon looked like a beast and Ramsay looked like he was going to piss his breeches. Ramsay's death was everything I could have asked for. I did miss ghost though, but glad he's not dead.