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  1. Its not meant as bashing, more as puzzlement. For TV, this show has been about as 'epic' as things get. I am truly confused as to what some of you were expecting.
  2. LOLWUT??? Sorry but that is hilarious. Paying customer? Remind me, where did you sign a contract with HBO where the small print mentioned epic battle sequences? They are adapting ASOIAF, not Conan the Barbarian. We DON'T need to see Tyrion flailing around with some stuntmen. This isn't LOTR, and was never going to be. Even if they did go to the expense, they'd hardly be able to visually beat movies, so it would be pointless anyway. Tyrion's backstory >>>>>>>>> The Greenfork.
  3. Loved it. 10/10. Battle scenes hardly matter, and Ned's execution was more emotional for me than the books. Great stuff. Big budget battle scenes are movie territory guys, don't expect it from a character driven TV show, that's all I'll say. There may be exceptions I guess.
  4. From what I recall, the scene between the hound and Sansa shouldn't have taken place yet. It may happen next week (just without him telling her 'how I got these scars').
  5. I disagree with some of you, the exposition is a necessary evil. I find it rather annoying, but the people who I'm watching it with (new viewers) appreciate it. Its really impossible to tell the story without it (of course sometimes it could be delivered better, but its definitely necessary and overall doesn't hurt the show).
  6. I really wouldn't do that. Particularly till you've finished book three. Trust me, there's one spoiler out there which will ruin that book for you.
  7. For some reason I can't vote. Anyway, I say get rid of it since I don't really see any great purpose, but I'm not especially bothered about the whole issue.
  8. Matthew Willig is PERFECT physically for Sandor. But he's a recent ex-football player, and I have no idea whatsoever about his acting chops. Sandor isn't Gregor don't forget.
  9. Don't hit me, but there's no way in hell it will be Ray Stevenson IMO.
  10. Bean has a ton of tv experience, and would bring in his own audience, so he would be a good choice imo.
  11. 'The Beans Are Spilled Well, the first two beans, anyway. There will be many more beans to come.' He also said earlier he was with-holding information. I think this is more than enough reason to speculate :P
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