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  1. See, it’s possible now to go after their wallet with dna testing. Use fear, because fairness is low on their prioritities. Women do not count. especially women of Color but no woman is left without scars. Republicans only care about votes from women, not their issues. But forced And Dna proven fatherhood, will be the only play for non woke Americans.
  2. Nice! I mirrored HeartofIce. It should be familiar to you.
  3. I don’t like your sneering sarcastic mixed messages. Very few of your responses are free from this attitude of contempt. No wonder you fight online all the time. Most people have more self awareness. You pretend to discuss issues, but bring nothing but rudeness.
  4. I taught preschoolers. You can break things down for them, or model:) I supervised in the playground every week. There was only one bike. I would intervene if they fought or shoved another kid off. Usually I would give them 5 minutes each and then stop them for the next turn. Kids are not more virtuous naturally. There was also spontaneous kindness shown.
  5. I can see why Tucker moved to Montana.
  6. Some religions don’t approve of social equality. It is sort of like Handmaids, the fertile. Keep women poor and pregnant. Take over rights to have a bank account, like the good old days.
  7. Don’t discount suspense and story building:) It’s why it’s good.
  8. My copy is due on May 17 th. I found a “Brightness” emotionally difficult, beautifully imagined, and profound.
  9. Well, Alito is on my shit list. I wonder if he knows that America wasn’t sure if Italians were to be considered white?
  10. @zorral Amy Coney Barrett wants to breed Christian babies to fill her supply and demand model.( unethical) So preganat women are expected to go along with Ginni Thomas’(extra weird because she has been barren) and provide children…that is where the handmaids tale comes in.
  11. Psychologically, there is an attitude of male possession of women, as in American women were not allowed to have a bank account independent of men, but many cultural examples come to mind. My own grandmother earned a scholarship, but was not allowed to accept because her brother didn’t get one. When I was in school we were told all about the facts of life, but no word was spoken about female orgasm. Men have ejaculations and women have periods. Umm. Our health teacher did show us a condom. I wonder what happened to the Zika virus. It just dropped out of the news. It is carried by mosquitoes. An infected mother would have a child who would probably be viable, but would not have a functioning brain. The brain stem would keep the poor kid alive after birth but would have no real potential. The child would need around the clock care for life. Anybody want to adopt?
  12. The new anti abortion laws in Texas feature the reporting of anyone helping someone who wants to obtain an abortion.
  13. Schwarzenegger had a child that he did not want, any guy might, because one squirt can mean a lifetime. Right wingers just erase women who are unwed, but their sons/brothers/husbands/ fathers could be left with major problems that even suburban women and their relations can’t ignore. Money, money, money talks.
  14. I think Republicans should be reminded that their sons or fathers may end up with very long term expensive commitments to be daddies of the unwanted. It used to be a matter of a difficult proof…now it is easy.
  15. I was horrified by the Republicans declaring on television in the August before the war in Iraq, that they were not ready to promote it yet, because September was marketing month.
  16. Why not? You’re pro science aren’t you? Heretic! Your thoughts are impure. Sinner! You aren’t obedient? Unworthy!
  17. Ginni Thomas wouldn’t like overturning Loving.
  18. There is a large American religion that sneers at the idea of “ social justice”. It isn’t the Unitarians.
  19. You know, with dna testing, lots of men are going to be found to be daddies.
  20. Why does Heart of Ice use personal insulting language in most messages? “ just ranting”
  21. I’m glad they aren’t talking about liberating Canada from their farm equipment, and goodies. I guess we have Ukrainians who may be made to be liberated. I thought Trumpy was eyeing our water, natural resources and auto pact. Maybe he would want to liberate poor downtrodden Conservatives in Canada…the ones who like being Aholes
  22. As an aside, I think the modern Tesla could be throwback marketing.
  23. This transfusion is from Phil. He prefers brunettes but he is willing to donate to others.
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