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  1. Hard to do when Stipe "smashed" the old UFC Heavy Weight title defense record by doing so three times. Stipe is in there. DC? Cain before his body turned to glass. Werdun has a claim for sure imho. There hasn't been a heavy weight run away with the division like a prime GSP/Aldo/Anderson. You can therefore make the case for just about any heavy weight who ever got a descent streak going.
  2. I loved the episode. I kept having to check my laughter out of fear I would wake my girl up several times. That's a good one by my count. I'm an MMA fan and all you need to know is that Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Paul "the Irish dragon" (iirc) are both legitimately bad assed motherfuckers. Cerrone is the much more well known of the two. But, even being an MMA fan, I can't say that their presence really added much to me. I'm not particularly interested in cameos, even of people from shit I'm into. It does explain all those articles and interviews several months ago with Cowboy and one of the writers from its always sunny hanging out and training together, so that was of minor interest, I suppose. I just loved the lunacy in the episode. Frank mixing up Boka Ratan (sp? I don't know, I don't care) and Boko Haram (sp? again, I don't know, I don't care). Frank then trying to somewhat whitewash Boko Haram? The fact Mac thought he could get away with self-proclaiming his product the "Official drink of the UFC"? Dennis' spokesman abilities paying off early, then Dee opening up her mouth and the downward spiral? Mac and Charlie's bullshit coming back to the parent company, owned by Frank, and now his problem? None of this stuff resonated? The whole "Crow-tein" and its related advertising campaign has always amused me. Again, just the lunacy factor.
  3. 7. Can't believe they left out Jamie's admission about Tysha, especially since they actually had dealt with the Tyrion and Tysha marriage in the show. Why? Laziness? A total disrespect for the viewer's abilities to follow? That really, really irked me. And now they killed Jojen too? I couldn't help lamenting and suspecting that the writers might regret killing Grenn and Pyp. But I am almost certain they will regret offing Jojen. Book Jojen knows full well when his time to die will come and why, and I do suspect it will be something important, and it very well could make plot issues for the show. Oh, I'm sure they'll patch it up somehow of course. I'm equally sure it will be a fully unsatisfying and forced fix as well. The Maid of Tarth is a baddass for sure, and beats most of the swordsmen in Westeros, that's fine. But just not the Hound. No way. Other than that those irksome changes the episode was pretty good. The one change from the series that I noticed that I did like was Cersei's admission/threat to Tywin. That was beautiful (and not far fetched).
  4. Seven. Would have loved it, but they killed Grenn and Pyp for fuck's sakes. Highly suspect either or both of those characters have parts to play in the novels, so, way to go. Of course, when you don't ever introduce the one armed blacksmith (Donal Noye iirc?), I suppose Grenn's got to eat it when he goes into the tunnels. The action was really well choreographed imho. Allister Thorne actually looked like a guy who knew what to do with a sword.
  5. GSP

    How would you rate episode 407?

    Gave it a seven. For reasons I can't quite put my finger on, the episode just didn't do too much for me. Viper/Tyrion scene was solid, but probably underwhelming in effect having been book spoiled.
  6. Gave it a nine. Loved the entire trial and thought this was one of the scenes the series truly nailed. IIRC Tyrion got in some even stronger lines than he did in the book. And yeah, Dinklage is just awesome!
  7. Gave this one a ten. Best of the season imho and one of the best of the series to date.
  8. Awesome episode! And entirely boobless, oddly enough. It's like they had to fast forward some plot to make up for all of last week's useless nudy scenes. Thank you whoever at HBO got on that.
  9. GSP

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Gave it a ten, cause that's all that I was allowed to give. Awesome adaptation. Bridge of burning ships would have been cool but prohibitively expensive, I get it. Damn I wish they had a boundless budget!
  10. Gave it a nine. A lot going on from the book that was well portrayed imho. A couple diversions from the books, but in a good for a tv series way.
  11. Solid 8, would have thrown an 8.5 if it was possible. Wow, an entire episode without gratuitious sex scenes! Perfect. I realize the show needs to make a lot of changes from the books, and they often make sense, but to me there were a series of little changes from the book that I just don't understand why they are making them: Jon begging to go with the halfhand when in the book the halfhand chooses to bring him The wildfire being Joffrey and the Queen's idea What's his face in Qarth having previously married for love but loosing her instead of clearly being gay Just don't know what about translating the epic onscreen is helped by these changes, which kind of screw with the characters imho.
  12. Gave it an eight. Yoren's story about how he ended up on the wall was the best thing the show has added that wasn't in the books imho.
  13. Agreed with everything Vic-tarion Rattlehead said, but even more so, just love that handle! That's old school my friend! Killing is very much Vic's business (both of em). Can't really say anything that hasn't been said a dozen times here. Boo Ros. Boo brothel scenes. Stannis ... overcome by passion?! -- Boo Salador Saan is Lysene isn't he? IIRC, aren't they described as being a notably pale people? The actor did a great job, the change works, and I'm not a stupid redneck that is bothered by such a change, but I'm just curious if I'm imagining this or not. Hey HBO, I understand you like to stuff in all the sex scenes you can, but do me a favour and skip the ones where the people involved are hideous. Could really have done without seeing those nasty dugs on the boat.
  14. GSP

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    6 I was going to give it 4 but decided I was allowing my infuriation over getting ripped of two major and important battles cloud my judgement too much. I'm tring not to let having read the books cloud my judgement of the series. Still, I could only give it a 6. Seriously, if this is the gameplan they are going to follow, seasons two and three are going to give me an anuerism. I know they can't get everything in there, and from a budget standpoint, might as well cut out the big battle scenes, but if this just turns into a soap opera while wearing swords, I'll be sorely disappointed. Get a significant budget for large battle scenes for Season 2, please, for the sake of my mental health.
  15. Great episode. Gave it a 9. Can't remember in the book if Roose Bolton was in the tent where Big John Umber lost his fingers but he should be leading infantry within the next episode or so to my recollection.