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  1. Hard to do when Stipe "smashed" the old UFC Heavy Weight title defense record by doing so three times. Stipe is in there. DC? Cain before his body turned to glass. Werdun has a claim for sure imho. There hasn't been a heavy weight run away with the division like a prime GSP/Aldo/Anderson. You can therefore make the case for just about any heavy weight who ever got a descent streak going.
  2. Holy shit. Watching the count down. Did I really just see Ngannou, that massive, super powerful man, just throw a flawless looking Capoeira kick? Can someone confirm? That was crazy. Still can't pick against Stipe, but damn, this is a crazy fight!
  3. Good to see you again Horus!
  4. It'll be a real shit storm if Overreem tests dirty this time. That was a brutal ko.
  5. Damn it! Now that's a fight nobody wanted cancelled! Honestly, I think either guy would strip Conor of his belt.
  6. Bisping/GSP. Uh .... ok, I guess. But out of all the comeback fights discussed (A. Silva, Woodley, even someone at lightweight), this one makes the least sense. GSP is puny for a MW and has never fought up there. Title shot? Bisping legitimately starched a pretty dominant champ in thrilling upset to get the title. But since then, he's defended against an aging legend, who is also a small MW, who wasn't ranked anywhere warranting a shot (iirc he was ranked 13th in mw at the time), in his retirement fight, and now the former ww champ who has been out of competition for three years. All the while legitimate mw contenders like Romero and Jacare sit out and wait yet again? Come on, this is getting stupid.
  7. That was crazy. Buddy wasn't even looking at the other fighter when he was doing his moves. He truly expected the other guy to sit back and watch the dance. Never get that arrogant. That's another adult man, your size, who has trained real hard to beat you in there. He probably regrets that almost as much as the notorious Weidman spinning kick. Gavin Tucker, that Newphie kid who made his debut in Halifax against Sam Sicilia, looked beyond excellent. Exciting prospect.
  8. Cerrone on a tear at 170 was fun. I was sad to see that end. I suspected this was going to be the one. I was stoked for Masvidal too, but found his challenge hilarious. I'm pretty sure Dana, as promoter, can't legally take that bet. The promoter having a direct financial interest in the outcome of a fight is a clear conflict of interest. I'm betting Masvidal knows that too. I had not heard Lawler left ATT. Have you heard where he went?
  9. I loved the episode. I kept having to check my laughter out of fear I would wake my girl up several times. That's a good one by my count. I'm an MMA fan and all you need to know is that Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Paul "the Irish dragon" (iirc) are both legitimately bad assed motherfuckers. Cerrone is the much more well known of the two. But, even being an MMA fan, I can't say that their presence really added much to me. I'm not particularly interested in cameos, even of people from shit I'm into. It does explain all those articles and interviews several months ago with Cowboy and one of the writers from its always sunny hanging out and training together, so that was of minor interest, I suppose. I just loved the lunacy in the episode. Frank mixing up Boka Ratan (sp? I don't know, I don't care) and Boko Haram (sp? again, I don't know, I don't care). Frank then trying to somewhat whitewash Boko Haram? The fact Mac thought he could get away with self-proclaiming his product the "Official drink of the UFC"? Dennis' spokesman abilities paying off early, then Dee opening up her mouth and the downward spiral? Mac and Charlie's bullshit coming back to the parent company, owned by Frank, and now his problem? None of this stuff resonated? The whole "Crow-tein" and its related advertising campaign has always amused me. Again, just the lunacy factor.
  10. Yeah, that was hard to watch. About a minute in it looked like BJ was thinking this was not a good idea. He's got nothing to prove. Retire, stay retired, and learn to enjoy it already!
  11. 7. Can't believe they left out Jamie's admission about Tysha, especially since they actually had dealt with the Tyrion and Tysha marriage in the show. Why? Laziness? A total disrespect for the viewer's abilities to follow? That really, really irked me. And now they killed Jojen too? I couldn't help lamenting and suspecting that the writers might regret killing Grenn and Pyp. But I am almost certain they will regret offing Jojen. Book Jojen knows full well when his time to die will come and why, and I do suspect it will be something important, and it very well could make plot issues for the show. Oh, I'm sure they'll patch it up somehow of course. I'm equally sure it will be a fully unsatisfying and forced fix as well. The Maid of Tarth is a baddass for sure, and beats most of the swordsmen in Westeros, that's fine. But just not the Hound. No way. Other than that those irksome changes the episode was pretty good. The one change from the series that I noticed that I did like was Cersei's admission/threat to Tywin. That was beautiful (and not far fetched).
  12. Seven. Would have loved it, but they killed Grenn and Pyp for fuck's sakes. Highly suspect either or both of those characters have parts to play in the novels, so, way to go. Of course, when you don't ever introduce the one armed blacksmith (Donal Noye iirc?), I suppose Grenn's got to eat it when he goes into the tunnels. The action was really well choreographed imho. Allister Thorne actually looked like a guy who knew what to do with a sword.
  13. GSP

    How would you rate episode 407?

    Gave it a seven. For reasons I can't quite put my finger on, the episode just didn't do too much for me. Viper/Tyrion scene was solid, but probably underwhelming in effect having been book spoiled.
  14. Gave it a nine. Loved the entire trial and thought this was one of the scenes the series truly nailed. IIRC Tyrion got in some even stronger lines than he did in the book. And yeah, Dinklage is just awesome!
  15. Gave this one a ten. Best of the season imho and one of the best of the series to date.