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  1. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    Would Lady Stoneheart kill Roslin?

    I think there's absolutely no question that if Stoneheart gets her hands on Roslin, she hangs her, pregnant or not. Stoneheart has no rationality. She saw the tears, plus Roslin's a Frey, and, well, Valar Freygulis. Plus it makes thematic sense that in wanting to avenge the murders of her family, Stoneheart becomes a kinslayer.
  2. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    4 Upcoming Battles: Steel, Ice, Blood & Fire (your predictions?)

    Battle of Ice: Stannis prevails, but the cost is high, and he's left with a pyrrhic victory. He takes Winterfell but loses so many of his forces that he can't really press his claim. Battle of Fire: Daenerys's forces win. We lose at least one POV in the process, though. Battle of Steel: The Tyrell forces defect, joining forces with Connington, so there isn't really a battle. Battle of Blood: Euron. Really hoping for some kraken action.
  3. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

    Roose Bolton is a legend.
  4. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    So what are the Westeros equivalents to ranks in the English aristocracy?

    So Duke is more akin to Warden, then?
  5. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    House Bolton vs. House Greyjoy

    Who would you rather have ruling the north? Roose, provided he has a mentally sound heir (i.e. not Ramsay). Ramsay uses Theon to trick the Ironborn to surrender Moat Cailin and then slaughters them. How do you feel about that? Do you think the better man won that day? I mean, it's cunning work, but it also shows the pure treachery of Ramsay. Harshness is one thing; cruelty is another, and combined with treachery, that's a bad result. Who gets the credit for kicking the Ironborn out of the north, the Boltons or Stannis? The Boltons. Stannis routed the last holdouts and if he wins the Battle of Ice, he'll get credit for removing the Boltons, but in terms of removing the ironborn, the Moat Cailin maneuver is what really did it. Which house do you sympathize more between these two? It's hard to sympathize with a house that flagrantly betrayed its liege lord and whose heir participates in vile depravities. The alternative worships an archaic, backwards-ass religion, but you've got Asha as someone who is remarkably forward-thinking and progressive, and who seems willing to change the ironborn way of life. Plus Theon is one of the best characters. Which family has a higher chance of surviving until the end of the series? There are far more Greyjoys (and aren't there Greyjoy cousins beyond the main line we follow?), versus two Boltons, both of whom are trapped in a blizzard-bound city surrounded by enemies. I suspect at least one Greyjoy sees the end of the series to its conclusion, though. Roose vs. Balon. Who do you like better? Roose all day. Balon is my least favorite Greyjoy. Ramsay vs. Theon. Who do you like better? Theon all day. He's GRRM's best creation and he's just in general more well-rounded. I'm not sure how anyone could "like" Ramsay, except to hate him as a good villain. How much of a factor did losing the north have on Roose Bolton's decision to betray Robb? I mean, is it not possible that Roose was worried about his castle and his people and assumed he could do a better job than Robb in taking back the north? Are you willing to give Roose the benefit of the doubt that he had good intentions and honestly thought Robb and the Starks were hurting the north and the people? I think Roose betrayed Robb for personal gain, but he also saw the writing on the wall. Robb had made a colossal blunder in marrying Jeyne and snubbing the Freys, and despite being a fearsome warrior on the battlefield, he was still a naive boy who was making the selfsame mistakes of his father. I don't think Roose is capable of "worry" in terms of his people or his holdings.
  6. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    So what are the Westeros equivalents to ranks in the English aristocracy?

    I think that Lord Paramounts are closer in rank/power to dukes than earls. So I think that if Ned Stark were Duke of the North, Robb would be Earl of Winterfell.
  7. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    WW invasion happens whos your top two generals?

    Ned Stark, definitely. The man may not be the greatest strategist/tactician, but he inspires the love of his people, and considering the North is the first realm in danger, he's a cinch. Stannis would be the top commander numero dos, with Randyll Tarly as his second-in-command. But let's be real: King Bob is gonna be leading the fight because he's King Bob.
  8. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    House Greyjoy vs House Bolton

    Roose Bolton is one of my favorite characters, but I don't care much for Ramsay. Meanwhile, I love the Greyjoys and consider their POVs to be among the richest in the entire book (Theon is GRRM's crowning achievement). So I guess I'd pick the krakens, but damned do I love the Leech Lord.
  9. I very much doubt it. Assuming that Aerys doesn't name Jaime to the Kingsguard, Cersei will hardly be around Jaime, provided he remains at Casterly Rock. I also get the sense that Cersei genuinely would've tried to have been a faithful spouse to Rhaegar.
  10. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    Noble House Scenario - Westerlands

    I would have to aid House Banefort. As much as it might offend House Lumba, I have to explicitly tell him that if the ironmen seize their lands, ours are ripe for the taking. I tell him that he and his family will not be forgotten, and that if he must wait a generation for our debt to his house to be repaid, such shall it be. Lord Marbrand might get pissy as well, but I’ll tell him exactly what I said to Ser Marc: the ironborn threat is immediate and if it is not dealt with swiftly, there may be no marriage alliances for anyone. I will tell my sister that she and her brood can take shelter in my home, but our lack of manpower necessitates that I deal with the immediate encroachment of the ironborn on our lands and those neighboring it. If Westerling can hold off long enough for us to drive off the threat to the Baneforts, then we will ride hard to their aid. I will ask House Banefort that if we aid them and drive off the ironborn threat, they help with my tax situation. As for my wife and daughter, I can only pray to the Mother for their health and trust in the maesters.
  11. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    What if Roberts' Rebellion failed??

    Aerys extinguishes all the rebel houses, root and stem.
  12. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    [SPOILER] Your Favorite Moment?

    Gravedigger Sandor. Some beautiful imagery and great acting between McCann and Kaye.
  13. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    How would you rate episode 701?

    Went with a 7. It's a solid opener with some great scenes (primarily involving Sandor), even if several moments felt like they were twisting the knife in us Stannis fans (i.e. Sam not believing Stannis's claims about dragonglass because, what, he thought the notoriously blunt Baratheon would lie to him?).
  14. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    What will be Stannis

    I expect Stannis to remain north of the Neck for the duration of the series (and, most likely, his life). He will rally the North to his cause, and once he hears of the landing of Aegon's men at Storm's End, he may be tempted to march south, but I have a feeling Davos will link up with him before then (with or without Rickon) and convince him that the true fight is north, and the fall of the Wall may force him to move on the Others.
  15. Ser Frasier of House Crane

    Disliking Tyrion Lannister

    Tyrion is a douche, albeit a very entertaining one and with some obvious background that excuses a lot of what he does and says. The show has done a great job of smoothing out his flaws and just making him a snark machine with cool quips, but Book!Tyrion is pretty prickly, and he becomes intolerable once he gets to Essos.