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Him of Many Faces: a theory

John Thompson

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BloodRaven insists to Bran

First time comment/post here.  Forgive me if my tinfoil hat does not fit very well yet.

I came to this thread after listening to Arya's first experience in the house of black and white during my 3rd time through the audio books.  I was struck by the description of the statues of the "Gods" in the hall.  Some of them reminded me of characters we know.


"The nearest was a marble woman, 12 feet tall.  Real tears were trickling from her eyes to fill the bowl she cradled in her arms." [Feast For Crows, CH7 all quotes below]    Cersei perhaps?

"... a man with a loin's head seated on a throne carved of ebony"  - Some Lannister King on the Iron Throne

"..a huge horse of bronze and iron reared up on two great legs - Someone or Something we don't know about yet related to Danny and the Dothraki 

"...a great stone face" - Maybe the leader of the Stone Men or the Shrouded Lord  

"a pale infant with a sword" - Gilly's boy called "Monster"

"a shaggy black goat" - Vargo Hoat?

"a hooded man leaning on a staff" - Barriston Selmey?


I don't know if there are descriptions of any other statues in other books.  Or should I say I wanted to get this posted while it was fresh in my mind and didn't take the time to look.   

So we know that Blood Raven can see into the past and the future.  If he is using the faceless men somehow, then that could have started at any point in time.  Blood Raven may well be the only living (I use that word loosely when talking of BR) person to know what really happened during the Age of Heroes and the Long Night, and even the time in which our story is now playing out.  As he would have witnessed much of what happened through wierwood.net.  Bran will eventually know as well, but he does not yet.  

Could he not have influenced the creation of the Faceless Men the same way.  Suppose he gives the first faceless man, either before or after the slave revolt, visions of a future calamity and the signs of it's coming.  That person immortalizes the memory of those visions by building statues of them in his great hall.  He then covers up their real function by claiming they are "Gods" or representations of the many faced god.  Who is......many faces......many eyes........and one.....who sees through the many wierwood faces.  Blood Raven.  He is literally the many faced god and he has instructed his agents the faceless men in how to either stop or bring about the ultimate end game that he is working towards or knows about.  Whatever that might be.  

Another possibility is that Bran setup the Faceless Men as a way to counteract Blood Ravens plans after he has taken over BR's tasks and powers.  Having them on Bravos would make sense as there are no trees there, so they could be kept out of BR's view until it is too late.  Of course this assumes that BR and Bran do not end up on the same team.    

Ultimately when it is discovered that the "children" of the King of Westross are actually full blooded Lannisters who will eventually gain the throne, a faceless man is dispatched to Kings Landing with orders to make himself available to become the "Dancing Instructor" of a certain high born lady who will be coming.  Protect her from the Lannisters when they take her father.  Take the face of a criminal and befriend her for the next stage of the mission. Guide her on her journey, and make sure that when the opportunity presents itself, she has the means by which to find her way to the House of Black and White for her final training.  

I may be way out there on this one, or maybe I've missed something.  But there is is, my first contribution.  

Bloodraven insists to Bran that he cannot communicate with people in the past, that he has tried to communicate with Shiera and cannot.  Bran whispers to Ned and thinks he hears him, but nothing is effected.  Theon however is effected, but Theon is in the present.  The past can't be changed, if you think it through logically it doesn't really matter what magic or anything is applied, if the past is changed than the present would already be changed.


Besides, the temple of the Moonsingers is separate from the Old Gods, and its the moonsingers who founded Bravos.

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