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  1. So this doesn't exist in English?
  2. aryagonnakill#2

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    Yah I think the Sand Snakes killing him are just as likely. Even more so, its just something I would really love to happen if it did.
  3. aryagonnakill#2

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    I've always hoped that Arya kills Tommen by dipping the cats paw in poison then scratching him, and that we get some subtle mention of Arya sensing another person in the cat. A subtle nod to Rhaenys. It would be great imo. That's the cat that stole chicken from Kevan Lannisters hand.
  4. aryagonnakill#2

    Dragonglass and valyrian steel

    Maybe dragonfire can kill them, but regular fire can't. Fire can kill wights but not WW's.
  5. aryagonnakill#2

    Wake Dragons From Stone = Sword in the Stone

    I certainly like it, and it is easy to see happen. The only kink I see is what happens with the dragons between now and then. If someone else claims one like Euron, Aegon, Brown Ben, or Tyrion, then Jon doing so won't mean nearly as much.
  6. The wedding of Daven at Riverrun is scheduled for very soon, unless the whole book takes up only a couple weeks it can't be the epilogue.
  7. In my opinion she would not see them as a threat while Tommen lived, and afterwards if Tommen had children and the her line was safe through them. If that changed, so would her opinion of Myrcella and Trystanes kids. If she felt safe those kids would be tools for her to use to gain power in Dorne. But if they were her heirs she would feel threatened as always.
  8. aryagonnakill#2

    The Others: Why Now?

    I have always thought it was relatively clear that the death of the last dragon triggered their return. The Maesters say that the winters got colder and longer and the summers shorter after this. Since I also believe that lightbringer is a dragon, it adds up that as humans lost their weapon against them, the others reactivated.
  9. Just replied in the other thread but I'll repost here. She isn't above kinslaying in and of itself because she constantly tries to have Tyrion killed. So I think it comes down to how she views the child/Marg in terms of a threat to her own power.
  10. aryagonnakill#2

    Why Does Cersei Want To Be A Man I Mean Be Jaime?

    She has tried to kill Tyrion an awful lot.
  11. That's not how hair color works though. I know this isn't the real world but seeing as how GRRM used hair color to establish the parentage of Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella, I don't think we should ignore it. Each parent has two genes for hair color. When you have a recessive color hair such as blonde or Auburn, then both of your genes are for that color, and you cannot pass on the gene for another color, such as brown. So neither Jon Aryn (blonde) or Lysa (Auburn) could have given Robert a brown gene, in the real world that is. I think there are some quotes that can be fairly used, mainly the one when she is hysterical at the moon door, but when she is talking to someone else as in this quote, she isn't just going to tell them the truth about Robert.
  12. More than likely. Lysa tells LF to put another baby in her on their wedding night. Robert looks like LF and not like Jon Aryn, and Lysa and LF were screwing certainly since LF got brought to KL.
  13. aryagonnakill#2

    Valyrian steel armor

    Dragonglass is brittle and would shatter against any kind of steal let alone Valyrian steal.
  14. aryagonnakill#2

    Valyrian steel armor

    Yes, a sword that breaks when used is worth the same as an entire army? VS isn't worth a lot because it's VS, VS is worth a lot because the properties VS has are incredible. Lighter and stronger than steal, and based off everything we have seen, not just stronger, but perfect. If the Valyrian stone roads haven't cracked in thousands of years, if Ice, Longclaw, Dark sister, Blackfyre, Lady Forlone, Heartsbane, Red Rain, etc etc, all exist after hundreds if not thousands of years, then they do not need to be sharpened, and don't break, they are spell forged in dragon fire and would hack through stone if GRRM wants them to.
  15. aryagonnakill#2

    Valyrian steel armor

    Would swords that break and get re-forged be that valuable? I have to say it seems like your fighting a battle for no reason. There has never been any indication that any Valyrian steal sword has chipped let alone broke.