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  1. aryagonnakill#2

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    My personal opinion is that he will not attack Oldtown first, the Reach in general needs to be weakened more before he can hope to succeed. He will however crush the Redwyn and Hightower fleets giving him complete control of the sunset sea. From there I believe he will sail immediately back to the shield islands, and ambush Garlan as he tries to retake the shields with fishing boats and river barges. They will be slaughtered. Harlaw will kill Garlan with Nightfall, as Olenna and Catlyn predicted. From there the Ironborn will carry their longships overland until they reach the Honeywine, as foreshadowed by the Ironborn taking the Riverlands in this way. They can then attack Oldtown from the undefended river and take the harbor. By raiding up and down the Honeywine many of the troops in Oldtown will leave to defend their lands, making Oldtown more vulnerable, until it eventually is forced to surrender, or Euron decides to storm the city.
  2. aryagonnakill#2

    The Secret to how Valyrians were able to Ride Dragons

    I like it a lot overall. One point I would disagree on is why Dany survived the funeral Pyre. I believe MMD's life paid for her own, I believe it was completely separate from the hatching.
  3. aryagonnakill#2

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    Her payment?
  4. aryagonnakill#2

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    I certainly don't think Bran will open the book but I feel it will come before halfway because his story will simply have to move along. Brans not going to stay in the cave, he will travel back south via gornes way, otherwise that would just be a huge chekovs gun not being used. But that travel will still be slow and has to start at some point reasonable enough that Bran could return to WF before the WW's.
  5. The reason I have always felt so strongly it is Ramsay is because he is the only character who has motive to write the letter and I believe the highlighted portion of your comment here shows you missing that. Sure Jon leaving WF could benefit Ramsay, Stannis, or Theon, that much is true, but none of them know Jon has a wildling army, so none of them has any reason to think he could gather a force and march to their aid/to fight them. From any potential authors POV, if Jon leaves the wall he does it himself as a traitor to the watch, unless he is getting some sort of pardon from Stannis but that's besides the point, the point is he would be alone in any of their minds, so that motive for writing the letter falls apart.
  6. I get why you would want to avoid discussion of who authored the letter, but by doing so I feel you loose the ability to see the true motive. I believe Ramsay killed Roose before writing the letter, in a rage. Then when he calms down he realizes Roose was right and writes the letter. Whether people return to WF and tell Ramsay they couldn't find Theon and Arya or he goes with them and sees for himself, he will want to ride to the wall immediately assuming that is where they will go, but Roose will say no, because it would be extremely risky for them to march on Castle Black. It takes 3-5 times the manpower to storm a castle. Castle Black may not have a curtain wall facing south but it still has towers and the high ground, so just taking the lower number of 3 times seems fair in my mind. But Roose and Ramsay cant know exactly how many men are there. They would also have to use their own men, as every house in the north has family in the watch and couldn't be really trusted in a fight against Eddard Starks only living son, in addition to family members in the watch. Taking 1500-2000 Bolton men on a thousand mile march in the middle of a storm when their Frey allies are all dead is a terrible idea. There is no guarantee any of the men are ever seen again, and it would leave WF vulnerable. The letter is a you don't talk I don't talk threat. You tell the world that's not really Arya, I tell the world you spared Mance. This gives him time to think and breath.
  7. aryagonnakill#2

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    Yah I think the Sand Snakes killing him are just as likely. Even more so, its just something I would really love to happen if it did.
  8. aryagonnakill#2

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    I've always hoped that Arya kills Tommen by dipping the cats paw in poison then scratching him, and that we get some subtle mention of Arya sensing another person in the cat. A subtle nod to Rhaenys. It would be great imo. That's the cat that stole chicken from Kevan Lannisters hand.
  9. aryagonnakill#2

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    I would say it will still be the south of Westeros. The North and Essos will feature heavily but between the Euron/Aegon/Sansa/Cersei/Jaime/Brienne plotlines I feel the south of Westeros will have more action than either of the other two.
  10. aryagonnakill#2

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    The first dagger is described as being buried to the hilt, meaning it went all the way in, so the clothing did not protect him. Daggers aren't modern day kitchen knives, they were thick and long. What has always made me 100% certain he died was that he didn't feel the blade between his shoulder blades. That stab is death, heart, lung, spine, nothing but death in a stab wound there.
  11. aryagonnakill#2

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    No one is going farther east then they have already been, so Qarth is the limit.
  12. aryagonnakill#2

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    It goes into the ice cell as you say, they must be foreshadowing something, and there is Brans dream all the way back in AGOT where he see's Jons body growing cold on a bed of ice, plus the line by Aemon that ice preserves. A lot of clues to add up to nothing if it doesn't happen.
  13. aryagonnakill#2

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    It's tricky for sure, not just because of the POV situation but also because of how many different directions the plot could go, but I believe what you point out about Arianne being able to show us everything so far must be the key. I'll list a few possibilities. 1. Darkstar kills Areo. What do we gain? IMO the only thing at all is it builds Darkstar up as a serious badass. There could be implications to this down the line if he gets Dawn and that is important in the end game, but that seems pretty obscure and with no POV would have to happen off screen. There are also some variations to this, such as Darkstar killing Obara and Swann as well, I think Swanns death is the only definite though so not even really a variation. 2. Areo kills Darkstar. As stated above I believe Swann would also be killed, but this is a pretty bland outcome. I suppose the aftermath would simply be Hotah and Obara if she survives returning to the Watergardens/Sunspear and Hotah would remain the POV into Dorans actions now that Arianne has left Dorne. 3. Only Swann dies, with the possibility of an accidental death such as Obara. In this scenario Darkstar was working with Doran all along. As we know from GRRM Darkstar did mean to kill Myrcella, it may seem strange to us, but it is entirely possible he was acting on Dorans orders. While I don't have all the pieces worked out, this is certainly the most fun and interesting possibility. If Doran learned of the plot to have his son killed on the way to Kings Landing while this was all unfolding, he could have realized after the Darkstar botch that it was for the best anyway, because this gives him an even better way to kill her, by killing her during the attack on the convoy which will be ready for it. While not rendering him entirely blameless as she is still in his protection, it will certainly drive Cersei mad to think she was the cause, and being outside of his realm, he can't be considered wholly responsible. What really makes me lean this way however is that it allows all the major characters here to survive and move on, Darkstar, Obara, and Hotah, though I consider Obara expendable. It seems to me the constant mentions of him being the most dangerous man in Dorne mean Darkstar has more of a role to play, and that Hotah having the POV means he will also stick around, therefore this is my conclusion. Hotah then goes back to Doran, and Darkstar possibly with Obara lead the Dornish army closer to Highgarden, I can't remember which Dornish pass is which, but the army is split in two in the two main passes leading out of Dorne, so if the one closer to Storms End marches that way to support Aegon, the other can move into the vulnerable Reach.
  14. aryagonnakill#2

    What will happen when the dragon horn is sound?

    Victarion thinks claiming the horn by blood means smearing blood on it, I find that to be ridiculous. Euron claimed it by sacrificing his son. It was one of his bastards who blew the horn and died at the Kingsmoot. What is interesting is that he intends to have the horn blown 3 times. What could that mean? I think he may accidentally undue Eurons plan by doing so. Will the horn still belong to Euron after 2 other people have given their lives blowing it? I don't think we can say with any level of certainty, but I do think Moqorro would not have let Victarion believe smearing his blood on the horn would work, unless he viewed the overall plan as benefitting Danaerys. Euron may be smart, but he is not there and Moqorro is, I believe that is everything. I don't think it is a coincidence that 1 of the dragons has left the battle before the horn has blown, so only 1 will be effected. I can't remember if its Rhaegal of Viserion, but Viserion is for Tyrion.
  15. aryagonnakill#2

    GRRM WoW Twist

    3 or 4 characters could add up to Aegon, Jon Con, Tyrion, and Barry, but it would involve 2 characters that were removed from the show entirely. Perhaps that is what GRRM meant when he said they went in another direction. That is something people speculated on before and aside from this topic, and I do think it would be organic if he honestly believes Aegon is the rightful heir, and feels guilt over failing Rhaegar. It will also drive Dany fans, or anyone who see's Aegon as a Blackfyre crazy. Seems as good a possibility as any.