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  1. I believe he is telling himself this... I get that he is saying it to her, but I believe it is for his own benefit.
  2. Aegon will fall for the bastard girl who beat Arrianne to Ghost Hill. The Rhaegar Lyanna connection was too strong to miss. Doran told Arianne that JonCon is gay. She will test this and when she realizes that he is the real JonCon she will assume Aegon is real too and cast Dorne in with them. I think your underestimating the importance of taking Storms End, and the current political instability in Westeros. Plenty of Reach houses ready to jump ship, Ironborn attacking the Reach, Tyrell Lannister feud in KL, the faith militant, the Riverlands about to kill the Lannisters and Freys, etc etc. Aegon is going to look like a white knight come to save the day to everyone who just wants some stability and a non evil person ruling the kingdom. This is part of why Dany will look evil to people when she comes and kills him.
  3. Shadrick made it clear to Sansa that he knew who she was in the spoiler. When they are in the yard watching Corbray beat up on the other knight.
  4. Perhaps, if he is what he appears to be, he is simply looking for proof/confirmation of her identity. Proof enough to bet his life on the info, meaning he tells Cersei and gets a reward knowing that if he was wrong she would have him killed.
  5. Battles don't last 7 days, that's not a thing. 3 days of marching on either side + 1 day of battle = 7.
  6. It has been speculated that if/when Euron destroys the Redwyn and Hightower fleets coming to meet him that Oldtown will bend the knee due to the fact that their wealth depends on trade. If Mace were to be killed fighting against Aegon this could become more likely, but it still seems kinda far fetched to me as they have so much manpower.
  7. I haven't heard anything like that. It would probably have been discussed here or in the general forum if anyone else had seen that.
  8. I'm pretty sure it is confirmed that Aeron has at least 1 more chapter.
  9. "Slaying a savage giant "IN" a castle built of snow" Not near, not in front of, In. If it were not obvious enough that the prophecy would not refer to such a trivial event, the fact that it does not line up with what was said should be enough. Sansa was not in a castle built of snow when she ripped the dolls head off.
  10. She liked Darkstar though, she doesn't like Lysono because he is feminine, not because of his Valyrian features.
  11. Corlys Valyron was said to be as rich as the Lannisters after only 3 trade journeys.
  12. Harry the heir clearly states that the mountain road is blocked.
  13. The ghost of high heart does not say WF, she says castle made of snow, and as Chrisdaw pointed out she says maid, so if you are actually following the prophecy when Sansa kills the giant she will still be a virgin, meaning she has not slept with Harry. Also, Sansa taking an army north is simply not going to happen. Harry tells Sansa that the mountain passes are snowed in, and the book is not the show where they simply ignore all logistics. Last, when someone says a plan in its entirety it does not succeed in the books, plans only work when we don't hear about them until they are finished.
  14. Why the hell would Euron be going to Mereen anyway, it was already established that the ironborn won't do that, and as of this chapter we know he is just now leaving the Arbor to fight the Redwyns.
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