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  1. How can Asha use the latecomer loophole when she was there the 1st time?
  2. I did not mean to imply it made my opinion more important. The fact that you took it that way says a lot about you. At the University I am studying at it is customary to identify your sex, ethnicity, and sexual orientation when talking about such things. I simply carried that over because it is what I'm used to. There is really no need to insult me for having a different custom than you do.
  3. Tyrion took her too. End of story. Coming from a man here. He knew damn well his father wouldn't kill him if he said no.
  4. I believe he is telling himself this... I get that he is saying it to her, but I believe it is for his own benefit.
  5. My simplistic understanding is that it would depend exactly where his back broke, which specific vertebrae. Given that he can use his upper body I believe he should be good to go but idk for sure.
  6. That sounds familiar...maybe George has been setting up a similar event with a certain horn.
  7. Have you ever seen the climate model for what would happen if the isthmus of Panama did not exist and the Atlantic and Pacific joined? Long story short, no more ice ages. Just thought it might interest you based on the point you made.
  8. Where does this come from? There are survivors from Ser Rodricks force with Stannis' army. They know who sacked Winterfell and don't know and probably wouldn't care about the 2 boys. He thinks this is what all the lords want to come and talk to him about, but he doesn't know it and neither do we.
  9. The only possibility of this I see is a willing test. Dany says he's fake, Aegon says I'm real. Someone suggests having the Dragons prove it. It would be interesting to see. Rhaegal will obviously ultimately be Jons but that doesn't mean someone else can't ride him in the meantime, it just means that person would have to die while Rhaegal survived so Jon could take him later.
  10. Yes it's just that if they wanted to have a baby the exact correct age ready to go, that baby would have had to have been (roughly a year?) old when KL fell in order for the ages to match. So it seems like they would either have gotten lucky or already been planning a child swap, or not started until afterwards where the child would be roughly 2 years to young.
  11. I can't get past the idea I have of Arya warging Balerion and dipping its paws in poison before scratching Tommen. Maybe one of the sand snaked could dip one of Tommens own cats paws in poison somehow.
  12. A lot of people on this thread have veered off into talking about Jon being swapped and not being R+L=J. I will simply remind you all that that is the one person we know for sure, so instead of changing that to fit a theory, you should work backwards from what we know. Could Jon be one of twins, sure. Could Dany have been swapped, it's possible. Could she have been a twin, sure. Could Ashara have had a baby with Rhaegar or Aerys? Yes we don't know that she didn't. Could she have had twins? Again, yes, it's possible. Could Jon be anyone else but R+L=J? No, D&D got his lineage correct before Dance, and they sure as shit didn't go off on some Ashara baby swap limb when they had one chance to impress GRRM.
  13. I guess my question would be timing. Did Varys go to Westeros with the intention of swapping a baby male Targ with Ilyrios son all along? Seems doubtful though technically possible. So did he do this once the rebellion started, or once the real Aegon was killed/sent to him? The timing is what always made it seem like something that fell into their hands, though Tyrion did comment on an age difference. It is pretty unfair to expect someone to get someone's age exactly correct, aside from a newborn.
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