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  1. aryagonnakill#2

    Who were the Tyrells involved in the Purple Wedding?

    Thank you Apparently you didn't even look in the chapter.
  2. aryagonnakill#2

    Who were the Tyrells involved in the Purple Wedding?

    I don't have my books with me, but looking online, several sources all say the same as I said, that the description of the wine changes from red to purple. Perhaps you simply looked in the wrong spot.
  3. aryagonnakill#2

    Who were the Tyrells involved in the Purple Wedding?

    There are some very dedicated people who have pushed the pie theory for a long time, who indeed think the poison was meant for Tyrion. The concept is that LF wanted Tyrion out of the way so he could have Sansa. Unfortunately as they have pushed this theory very hard for a very long time, they have apparently converted a number of people. The theory falls apart quickly though, Joffrey slices his own piece of cake, meaning no one could have actually planted poison in just his piece, and as the bead would not have dissolved in the pie, Margery could not risk simply slipping it in like she could the wine. Add to that the fact that LF goes out of his way to frame Tyrion by adding the jousting dwarves and you see it would be a waste to kill Tyrion when framing him for the murder works even better. It also goes against GRRM's own words on the matter. GRRM once said it was called the purple wedding because the wine was purple and it played a very important role, since we can see right in the text that the wine changed colors from red to purple, the color of the strangler bead, it is all pretty self explanatory. GRRM has also said that the Tyrells wanted people to think Joffrey choked, meaning waiting till he was eating pie makes sense, and that LF intended to frame Tyrion and Sansa.
  4. aryagonnakill#2

    Who were the Tyrells involved in the Purple Wedding?

    I personally see no reason to involve Garlan. Margery is the only one who could poison the chalice and know she would not sip it again. It would be very easy for her to grab the chalice and slip it in after she took a sip. Everyone else can play dumb better by not being in on it. If anyone knows it would be Garlan, not Loras or Mace as I don't think they could be trusted. Poisoning the pie makes no sense, you simply could not guarantee what piece Joffrey would get.
  5. aryagonnakill#2

    How powerful are the Royces?

    The Royces regularly contribute to the watch. The NW relies on those contributions, without them they could not afford to buy food.
  6. aryagonnakill#2

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    My personal opinion is that he will not attack Oldtown first, the Reach in general needs to be weakened more before he can hope to succeed. He will however crush the Redwyn and Hightower fleets giving him complete control of the sunset sea. From there I believe he will sail immediately back to the shield islands, and ambush Garlan as he tries to retake the shields with fishing boats and river barges. They will be slaughtered. Harlaw will kill Garlan with Nightfall, as Olenna and Catlyn predicted. From there the Ironborn will carry their longships overland until they reach the Honeywine, as foreshadowed by the Ironborn taking the Riverlands in this way. They can then attack Oldtown from the undefended river and take the harbor. By raiding up and down the Honeywine many of the troops in Oldtown will leave to defend their lands, making Oldtown more vulnerable, until it eventually is forced to surrender, or Euron decides to storm the city.
  7. aryagonnakill#2

    The Secret to how Valyrians were able to Ride Dragons

    I like it a lot overall. One point I would disagree on is why Dany survived the funeral Pyre. I believe MMD's life paid for her own, I believe it was completely separate from the hatching.
  8. aryagonnakill#2

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    Her payment?
  9. aryagonnakill#2

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    I certainly don't think Bran will open the book but I feel it will come before halfway because his story will simply have to move along. Brans not going to stay in the cave, he will travel back south via gornes way, otherwise that would just be a huge chekovs gun not being used. But that travel will still be slow and has to start at some point reasonable enough that Bran could return to WF before the WW's.
  10. aryagonnakill#2

    The Mance Plan and how the Pink Letter killed it.

    Why would Mance think this is possible? There were some 300 wildlings at Molestown who hated John when Mance left the wall. He does not have any knowledge of Tormund crossing the wall.
  11. aryagonnakill#2

    The iron bank will go bankrupt

    I think many people forget how small the debt the Iron Throne owes the Iron Bank is, because the abomination embellished it. In the books, the crown starts of 6 million in debt. 3 million of that is to the Lannisters, and a million is to the church. That leaves 2 million in debt, spread around between rich westerosi lords, Tyroshi bankers, Penthosi merchants, and the Iron bank. Really we should not consider the debt larger than 500,000 gold dragons. It also would not have increased during the war, other than to accrue interest since payments were not being made. Since KL was blockaded until the war was basically over, there was no way for the crown to be borrowing money, this is why Joffrey was never able to raise an army from the crownlands. They couldn't feed/pay for it. In terms of paying off the debt, whoever wins in the end, if not a Lannister, will surely cancel the debt owed to them in light of their repeated treason. Reducing the overall debt by 3/5ths, since Cersei already got the faith to remove their portion. This will make the remaining portion, including the Iron banks, easy to pay.
  12. aryagonnakill#2

    There must Always be a Stark at Winterfell

    Just for frame of reference, people thinking spirits can't pass Iron is something that comes from the real world. They believe it about salt as well.
  13. aryagonnakill#2

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    All the slavers of Astapor were killed. Then the city was left to freed slaves who killed their former masters, then sacked. Kraznys has no family left alive.
  14. aryagonnakill#2

    Fake Aegon, Real Aegon, and Quentyn Martell

    Theories are proven wrong all the time, people not accepting that is childish.
  15. aryagonnakill#2

    Do Targaryen names mean anything in Valyrian?

    Slightly aside here but maybe relevant, GRRM once said that the Targ dragons were named for Valyrian gods.