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  1. aryagonnakill#2

    Valyrian steel armor

    Dragonglass is brittle and would shatter against any kind of steal let alone Valyrian steal.
  2. aryagonnakill#2

    Valyrian steel armor

    Yes, a sword that breaks when used is worth the same as an entire army? VS isn't worth a lot because it's VS, VS is worth a lot because the properties VS has are incredible. Lighter and stronger than steal, and based off everything we have seen, not just stronger, but perfect. If the Valyrian stone roads haven't cracked in thousands of years, if Ice, Longclaw, Dark sister, Blackfyre, Lady Forlone, Heartsbane, Red Rain, etc etc, all exist after hundreds if not thousands of years, then they do not need to be sharpened, and don't break, they are spell forged in dragon fire and would hack through stone if GRRM wants them to.
  3. aryagonnakill#2

    Valyrian steel armor

    Would swords that break and get re-forged be that valuable? I have to say it seems like your fighting a battle for no reason. There has never been any indication that any Valyrian steal sword has chipped let alone broke.
  4. aryagonnakill#2

    Valyrian steel armor

    No they don't, and I don't think the quote reads the way a person would talk now a days, but it does sound like poetry from a long time ago, to me at least its a way of saying that Corbray lost the fight. I mean we know Lady Forlorn didn't break in half or anything as it is still around, we just know that Daemon Blackfyre won the fight after a long time.
  5. aryagonnakill#2

    Battle of Fire, Battle of Ice

    I agree that both battles are going to be very interesting, but I actually disagree about some of the characterizations and would have to reverse them. I don't think there will be much naval battle if any at Mereen. The slavers are not expecting a fight, and are crewed by slave sailors, the Ironborn will massacre them barely breaking a sweat. The numbers involved will also be dwarfed in relation to the upcoming battle between the Ironborn and the Redwyns/Hightowers. The Land battle should be very interesting and I hope we get a couple more chapters than we already have, but we have enough to see that it really isn't much of a fight. The Legions of New Ghis and a few sellsword companies are the only real opponents, the slave soldiers are comically inept, chained together, put on stilts, that is no fight and that's exactly what we see in Barristans chapters. The only real questions which I think you touched on correctly are the dragons and harpy. Is Skahaz really on Dany/Barristans side or will the brazen beasts seize the city? What exactly will Rhaegal do when he hears the horn? No one can really say. I'm inclined to say the dragons will be less climactic than many people seem to think. I believe claiming the horn by blood means sacrificing yourself and tying the dragon that heard the blast to your blood line. Thus unless Euron planted bastards in Vics fleet and he happened to choose three of them at random, Eurons plan would be wrecked as Moqorro wants, but Vic will not gain a dragon simply by smearing some blood on the horn. As for the Harpy and Skahaz, I am less sure. I am in the camp that views the Green Graze as the harpy, but I'm unsure of what will happen in the city once Barristan leads the troops out. Will Skahaz try and kill other nobles, will they ambush him, is he with them, I just don't know. But I believe the battle itself will be a quick victory and its the aftermath that is in question. Will Victarion/Barristan/Tyrion/Brown Ben Plum get along and rule the city, will they be let back in the city without another fight, will they fight each other. I'm inclined to say they will not fight each other immediately because that's not what they want but if they can't take the city easily or if Dany does not come back soon anything could happen. The battle of ice is I think the more complicated affair. First off because its two battles, and second off because there are so many questionable allegiances. The first battle is at the lakes which should go the way most people think it will. Stannis has 3 times the men, the defensive position, knowledge his enemy is coming, and the enemy is led by a man called Ser Stupid. I have been wrong before but I just don't see how Stannis can loose this battle and have it make any sense at all. He has been described many times as a capable battle commander. The battle for Winterfell is where things should/could get interesting. Will Ramsay head to Castle Black, will Roose head to the Dreadfort, will Barbery Dustin betray Roose, will the rest of the northern lords betray him, will the storm stop, much harder to say. Even with the Freys defeated, Stannis has no way to storm the castle without some other things happening. He either has to get his men into the castle disguised, or have men inside the castle open a gate, and then it would still seemingly be a very bloody battle as there are still roughly 4k Bolton soldiers, and Bolton took over the Karstark and other men he took over in the Riverlands when their lords died.
  6. aryagonnakill#2

    Valyrian steel armor

    No, but fault has multiple meanings, faulted literally means missed in certain contexts, such as tennis. In any event the fact that the blades made such a loud noise also suggests they weren't being damaged. The vibrations were louder because nothing was breaking off and all the force was put into and retained in the blades causing them to vibrate much more than when regular blades collide. The VS blades are in my mind intended to be perfect. Like when Tyrion is traveling from Pentos to the Rhoyne, he comments on how the Valyrian stone roads are flawless, after thousands of years not a single crack. Likewise if you had to sharpen Valyrian steal swords they would not last long as sharpening a sword is removing steal from it, after a while a sword is sharpened until it is too small to use.
  7. aryagonnakill#2

    Valyrian steel armor

    I believe when it says when at last the lady faltered, it means that Corbray missed a check on Blackfyre and lost the fight. I don't think there is any evidence either sword was damaged in the fight.
  8. aryagonnakill#2

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    I would say it will still be the south of Westeros. The North and Essos will feature heavily but between the Euron/Aegon/Sansa/Cersei/Jaime/Brienne plotlines I feel the south of Westeros will have more action than either of the other two.
  9. aryagonnakill#2

    The battle of blood

    Euron isn't going to admit to Victarion that he used the FM to murder their brother, but in the forsaken chapter he admits that he did in fact kill Euron, and the vision of a man without a face on a swaying bridge or however exactly it goes is clearly in reference to a FM killing Balon, so if you add up those facts with Eurons statement that he through a dragon egg into the sea, it is commonly believed that Euron in fact paid the FM with the dragon egg
  10. You mean the sickly kid that resembles LF?
  11. aryagonnakill#2

    Janos Slynt

    I'd have loved to see Janos try to "turn around and go home". Marching through the north after taking part in beheading Ned Stark.
  12. Jon Aryn seems to have been infertile from the start, I don't think we can blame Lysa for the miscarriages.
  13. aryagonnakill#2

    Does the Dayne's sword Dawn have special characteristics?

    Yes we do have such evidence. Jaime recalls that when Dayne fought the smiling knight, Dawn slowly chipped away at his sword, and I believe Dayne even eventually lets him pick up a new sword. He also recalls that the sword cut through his shirt and skin when Dayne no more than touched him with it to knight him. Meaning the sword is able to hold an incredibly sharp edge without chipping, just like Valyrian steal.
  14. aryagonnakill#2

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    I do not believe Tyrions statements with regard to Aegon should be taken at face value, because we are deliberately left out of Tyrions thoughts on this. Isn't is strange that even though we are in Tyrions POV we never see him questioning the scenario? We don't get his actual thoughts. He names him the son of Rhaegar, and a prince and some other such things, but that does not mean he buys it as legitimate in his internal thoughts, he only figures out what they want to present, not whether it is true or not. I would not be surprised at all for Tyrion to tell Dany of Ilyrio's fake the first time he meets her.
  15. aryagonnakill#2

    Was KL a poisoned apple for Stannis without the Tyrell's support?

    Stannis doesn't have to pay for the food, people buy their own food. Yes its a shit situation for the peasants but in time it will get better. They are not going to revolt against him as long as the situation is getting better, it doesn't need to be perfect immediately. Tarly didn't kills tens of thousands of men at Bitterbridge, he put some men to the sword to make the others fall in line, but its not as though they took all the nobles who bent the knee to Stannis' castles, its not as if they can just pretend that never happened. Again I point out your defining this situation in the worst possible terms, why in gods name would Robb not be friendly with Stannis right now? Why would Tywin be attacking Stannis force in the rear unless he was informed of the Tyrells joining him? Why does he even hold Harrenhall when Bolton took it when he left anyway? Why can't Stannis secure the Crownlands/Duskendale/Maidenpool if Tywin is all the way at Harrenhall? If you define this situation like you are doing then of course it seems much worse, but if Tywin took him in the rear why didn't Tywin win anyway? The OP simply says if he succeeded in taking it. It does not specify all the circumstances and maybe that is the problem. Your looking at the narrowest and worst possible difference it seems, with Tyrell and Lannister forces getting to the city as Stannis was almost done but still wounding him, while Sansa and Redwyn die, and admittedly that would be a bad situation. I'm looking at it as if Tywin broke through west, or never made a deal with the Tyrells, and can't envision a scenario where Sansa actually gets killed, although on that one maybe I should. However we are not told of anyone being assigned to kill Redwyn. Even in your situation though I do believe you are not giving enough importance to perception. Tommen may be alive but no one will know that. All everyone will know is that Stannis took Kings Landing, Joffrey is dead, Cersei is dead, Renly is dead. Look how quickly the Reach lords bent the knee to Stannis when Renly died. Poof, one guy dies and now Stannis has lords racing to bend the knee. The same situation would happen if he took Kings Landing. Stannis will look like the guy you want to back. Robb would have bent the knee to Stannis in the first place if it wasn't for Renly, and now there is no Renly. The Riverlands would love an ally to get rid of Tywin once and for all, Robb would be hard pressed to keep them loyal if he did not bend the knee, and even without Sansa Stannis still has Ice.