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[Book Spoilers] The Other Revelation

Florina Laufeyson

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I wonder if there's any connection.. Between the fact The Night's King has been taking only boys, and the Night's Watch vows.

Think of the correlation.

They are, in fact, the sword in the darkness

He's not fathering any children. He's taking them.

They're nomadic, so they hold no lands.

There are no females, so they dont take wives.

I didn't see any female Other, so so far, from what we've seen, they've upheld the Nightly Oath. The Night's King is the only exception to this, and the only female we know about is that one, and from what we know it is only one.

Weird, how the only one who broke his vows to an Other, is the only one, who appears to be able to turn a living being, into one of them.

Great find. Ties well with what I wrote up this thread.

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