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  1. Florina Laufeyson

    (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion

    Yo, do i need to remind you that this is kinda how Dany is around the time ADWD ends? She waffles between "i need to do whats right" and sounding like Viserys a lot in the books. I actually was like "yo" about that too. I dont remember him telling Tyrion this. I thought he might have but i may have misremembered. How did Tyrion know that?
  2. Florina Laufeyson

    (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion

    No, you really dont. You dont HAVE to do anything. If you dont mind suffering, fine. But you dont have to watch the show.
  3. Florina Laufeyson

    (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion

    ...and neither does 90% of this thread. So they should stop trying to sound smart and keep their goddamn teeth together. Yeah. Having Smalljon be a villain and get owned by Tormund is I was really rooting for Smalljon to turn on Ramsay and kick ass for the Starks.
  4. I suspect a lot of 10s come from Ramsay getting munched. Mine did. Gods that was satisfying as all hell.
  5. 10/10 would Bastard Bowl again. The thing that really gets the 10 is how Ramsay dies. Omg that was the most satisfying thing EVER
  6. Florina Laufeyson

    (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion

    The only thing i disliked about this episode is Rickon dying. It felt pointless. So go ahead and complain about feminism :ack: and bitch about fight numbers. See where it gets you.
  7. Florina Laufeyson

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    I found it hella better than last week's, so i gave it a 7. It wasnt great and im still salty about the Blackfish, but ive never been gladder to see Dany back in Meereen.
  8. Florina Laufeyson

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    A 6. It lost points for needless Septon Meribald murder and Glovers acting so un-Glover, i was literally embarrassed. Also, 62 guys? Cogman, imma get you. Sandor being a thing was cool, but id prefer it if he was a bit more silent. Rory McCaan can do nuance acting, why not give him the chance. Sandor is being really reflective but how it was written wasnt too strong on his character development. But seeing him grin wistfully when chopping wood and thinking "i got a good thing going right now" was sweet. Jaime Goldenhanding a Frey and the Blackfish stuff was GREAT and saved me from being too salty about things. That and Lyanna Mormont. What a little badass. Im down with Asha and Theon going to Meereen and was lowkey rooting for the show to go that route. Hey Arya, how you gonna get out of this mess?
  9. Florina Laufeyson

    How rich are the Starks pre series

    Yooo i like the cut of your jib in this whole discussion. I have to chime in with and that a lot of people are ignoring the barter system a great deal when it comes to how the North deals with things. Theres a reason why so many Houses are so loyal to the Starks....
  10. Florina Laufeyson

    [Spoilers] EP606

    id really love it if Cersei was somehow directly responsible for Tommen getting owned, or the Faith does it. But the fact that the show left the Sand Sneks all hangin' like that really points to them showing up outta nowhere and putting poison in his juice. And then Cersei goes apeshit and tries to nuke KL. Who knows. lmao
  11. Florina Laufeyson

    [Spoilers] EP606

    hey i got a shot of that. i really missed it completely when first watching the ep cuz it went by so fast. But i looked for it because you lot mentioned it.
  12. Florina Laufeyson

    [Spoilers] EP606

    Marg is trying to save face yet again and get Loras and herself out of that situation. Shes playing Tommen to get him away from Cersei and its working. And i feel like just when things start looking like they are on an upswing for Tommen, a Sand Snek comes out and murks him. OOpsie. Also, Bran is still trippin' balls from 3EC Merging from last episode. Im hype for Arya murking the Waif. It gonna happen.
  13. Florina Laufeyson

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 606?

    Yeah. The Waif is gonna die, though. I dunno about the Kindly Jaqen, but Arya gonna own that Waif, steal some faces, and get the fuck out. I think her motivation for deserting is weird, but it does make some sense. She cant kill indiscriminately. She cant kill people who havent done anything horribly wrong. As such, she cant let go of Arya Stark. Maybe this will segway into Nymeria only eating Freys in the show or something.
  14. Florina Laufeyson

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 606?

    oh i gotta get a shoutout to the very beginning where Bran sees King Burn Em All. That shit was bomb.