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  1. A 2013 survey in a paper by David Chalmers and David Bourget shows that 68% of professional philosophers would switch (sacrifice the one individual to save five lives) in the case of the Trolley Problem.

  2. I never said it was polite, just that it seems to be acceptable, according its portrayal on the show. You asked why would Tyrion do that, and the answer is that he did it because he could. You're saying that it was impolite, and unacceptable for Tyrion to barge into Sansa's room, and that this is clear to the viewer, so how do you maintain that Tyrion is being whitewashed?
  3. But he did... He had a servant announce him, and then entered. Clearly, within the fictional universe of the show, this is acceptable conduct, as none of the characters really object. I mean, Cersei knocked on Tyrion's door, but then threatened to have the Kingsguard break down Tyrion's door if he didn't open it.
  4. She's not doing nothing, she's providing a forum for Ser Grandfather and Ser Friendzone to determine who is more dominant. :P
  5. Probably because Sansa is a hostage of the Crown and he's the King's uncle and the Hand's nephew. The only two people in the room are the hostage he's being ordered to marry and his concubine. She can't stop him from entering, if he'd waited and she had said no he'd have to just go in anyway against her wishes.
  6. Ah yes, I'd forgotten this one! Good catch!
  7. Yes, this has happened in history. There are at least a few recorded cases of notable people being forced to drink molten gold, etc or having molten gold poured over them, off the top of my head I can't remember any specific cases around the fall of the Republic but there were some around the fall of the Empire (among the Mongols, I think, which would seem like another Dothraki link.)
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