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Dany`s first chapter in After the Feast | spoiler for this chapter

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hello everyone

I want to talk about something that made me really angry with Dany not that I am not angry with her already

first I just wanna say this is what I feel for her and for her choices I cant help it and I know most of you loves her so don't get mad please (:

its about her first chapter on ADWD part 2 when finally Quentyen reached her after all the problems he encountered and the people he lost and he offer Dorne and all their strength to her and offer to marry her and she just refuse all that and went on to marry Hazdhar zo Loraq *___* okay now she says that she one day will go to westeros and claim her father`s throne , what good will Hazdhar do to her cause when she reach westeros and because he is her husband that's mean he will be the king of the seven kingdoms when she become queen and I don't think the lords will agree on making a stranger not westrosi to become their king so this will only bring her more troubles , unless if she decides to be only the queen of meeren and not to take back the seven kingdoms then this is something alse .

and maybe because I am a big fan of dorne and all that is related to dorne and its story , I love Quentyn so much and I felt sorry for him he didn't even lived half his life in sunspear or with his family yet when his father told him to go to the other side of the world for his family and Dorne he did it and he lost his best friend he almost lost his life and then it was all for nothing ! not to mention the rudeness that Dario treated him in front of her and selmy in the court , and Dany wishing that his friend Drinkwater was the prince because Quntyen is not very good looking (: , will if we are going to talk about who is better and good to the other , I don't think a queen should sleep with a sellsowrd before her wedding day I know she loves him and all that but yet .... ,

and Quentyn reached her before she marry Hizdar ! she could have changed her mind even Selmy told her that this change everything but she insisted on marrying him because of the peace he will bring ! I mean one day you will leave this city and go to somewhere alse and all this peace will be for nothing unless if she was thinking to rule mereen while she`s sitting on the iron throne !!

I don't mean to upset Dany`s fans I just wanted to share my thought and hear your opinions ^_^

I read till this chapter and I stoped for today so please don't mention any spoilers in the comments

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She's Queen of Meereen, she can't just abandon it. Especially after hearing what's happened in Astapor after she left them to rule themselves. What you should remember is that she's never actually seen Westeros - it's not her "home" the way it was for her brother. She's always been in exile, and when she styled herself "breaker of chains" I think she means to stick with it. Do you think the peace he brings is meaningless for the people of Meereen who are murdered by the Sons of the Harpy? She can't rule seven kingdoms if she can't even rule one city. Quentyn is just a stranger from a strange land with nothing but promises about winning the Iron Throne. It wouldn't surprise me if he reminded her on a subconcious level of Viserys with that kind of talk. Also Quentyn is both boring and ugly so it's not any great surprise that she wasn't exactly swept off her feet. Fire, not mud.

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I also think she's very aware that she's inexperienced, though she has experienced people around her.

She needs to prove to herself, and everybody else, that she is capable of ruling Meereen - for it to ever become realistic for her to rule in Westeros.

This is her proving ground. Though she doesn't quite recognize Westeros to be her home, I firmly believe that that's her ultimate destination.

As for her spurning of Prince Quentyn and Dorne, it wasn't exactly the most impressive or honorable court appearance by the Dornish.

She even finds it nearly hysterical. Besides, we come back to the topic of her ruling Meereen before looking towards Westeros. Hizdahr is a necessary piece to restore peace and order in the city right now, but I seriously doubt that they will stay married throughout the series.

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