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The traveling Others


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Just read a nice theory they may stop in with alys karstark and the thenns on the way in neighbouring karhold. Thenn family reuinion with the skagosi thenns?

great idea. on Skagos Magnar is a family/house name, for the Thenns it is the title of their king. Must be some connection.

As many have speculated, I see some sort of convergence of Rickon/Davos/Skagosi with Stannis and his army of queens men, king's men and northerners with the Manderly force riding supposedly to attack Stannis.

My hope/bet is that just before/during/just after the battle on the ice, Manderly forces reveal their true loyalty and join forces with Stannis and Rickon, Shaggy Dog, and Davos show up with a force of Skagosi. Adding a Thenn/Karstark force is even better. Among other things it would even more decisively shift the balance of power in this coalition to the north and away from Stannis himself. Rickon, king in the north!

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