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[Book Spoilers] An Analysis of Why the Sand Snakes' Introduction Fell Short

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Hahahaha you are hilarious. I genuinely did not understand a single sentence.

My thoughts exactly. The dialogue is dumb, the acting is dumber but this? This is the worst part of it. This is fanfiction at it's very worst. It would be more acceptible if they included Satin and make him having sex with Jon.

The case of Barristan though? Well, it seems that the character has became completely irrelevant in the story now.

Amazing how almost every sentence used within the above wording, has been split away from grammar. Lacking description, grammar, conjecture, even spelling. You are a primal comedian

Hey but who am I to comment on what is funny? Did it make me feel equal, yes it did, funnily enough? Was there any point, none, although it did make me feel better.

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Crackpot theory. They want every female character to look bad except Dany. :idea:

Or D & D just aren't good at female characters.

Dany also came off as an idiotic, self-righteous and unreasonable bitch actually, abielt with good intentions. But as that's also kind of in the books I did not have much complaints about her characterisation and portrayal.

But fucking up Asha and then the Sand Snakes. Seriously. So pissed.

Now I'm afraid for Arya when she grows up.

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It's been confirmed for a week now.

I know, I knew before I ever saw the episode, found out by accident. I'm just pretending not to until I see the next episode, then I'll drop my rating for episode #4 from a 5 to a 3. (And, if I wasn't spoiled, I really wouldn't have thought that the writers would do something so stupid; it looked like he survived because Grey Worm killed the remaining Son of the Harpy before he slit Barristan's throat.)

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