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Selyse character reversal (SPOILERS)

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It's the mother's instinct to protect her child. No matter how bad Selyse is, she's still a mother and her daughter's screams seemed to awaken her.

I think that hits the point - that and her being not that religious after all, like Emberheart said above. I just watched the episode (we're about two weeks behind over here in Europe) and was heartbroken when that scene came up. I knew it would happen (I had accidentally stumbled upon a spoiler) but I had not been prepared that it would hit me that hard. I never thought they would actually show most of it - Stannis's soldiers looking very uncomfortable, Stannis himself looking not very happy and all, and, the worst, Shireen's screams. It was heartbreaking and one of the scenes on GoT that made me cry. I had to take a break afterwards. I've always thought that Selyse was a cold-hearted woman but when she rushed forward to protect her only child... that was awful. I think I haven't cried that much since the Red Wedding (which was awful enough and even longer than this scene), at least as far as GoT is concerned. Also, they ruined Stannis.

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