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Is the Prince that was Promised equal to Azor Ahai Reborn?


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That's interesting. But why Davos, Sam or Bran might be AA? 




He has a shadow that cut Westeros (on the Painted Table) like a sword. This looks like he is the person using the sword.

He "lit a fire to chase the shadows" in the same scene. Eldric Shadowchaser is another name for AA and the Others are described as White Shadows.

He fulfilled “a hero reborn in the sea” and “born amidst salt and some” during the Battle of Blackwater.

He and Jon seem like a very good fit. Their understanding of morality is almost the same. I cannot wait for their union.

George told the actor playing Davos an important secret. Perhaps that he is the real AAR?




He shares strong resemblances with the LH who is the equivalent of AA.

He is currently in the underworld. When he emerges again, it will be like rebirth.

He might fulfill “a hero reborn in the sea” if we take the power of the Others around the cave system as darkness. That makes Bran being submerged in a sea of darkness.

Bran and Jon get along very well.



He will fulfill “a hero reborn in the sea” and “born amidst salt and some” during Euron’s attack to Oldtown as the attack of the ironborn is described as the coming of the sea. Moreover, Jon dreamed Sam drowning.

Jon put Longclaw in Sam’s hand. Jon has been constantly arming Sam with that obsidian dagger and so on. This makes sense if Jon is Lightbringer and Sam is AAR.

Jon needs Sam’s guidance and help. Sam is the one who made him the LC. When deprived of Sam’s counsel, Jon had a hard time in ADwD.

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