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Shadrich The Mad Mouse

where is my post?

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I posted on the ASoIaF general forum: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/134455-this-character-was-literally-born-again-amidst-salt/


and now it just gone, where is my thread?! It was a well-written 926 words post with quotes and people were leaving good responses? Why was it deleted?? and why wasn't I informed?? If the mods just delete stuff on a whim then I really can't see myself posting anything anymore on this site.

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Q. Did my post get deleted? I don't have any mail explaining why!

A. If you think it was deleted, it probably was, and you very probably know why. Don't complain on the board about it, as it doesn't really look good and it will win you no sympathy. Ran generally sends no explanations either privately or publicly on the theory that people are wise enough to know why their posts were deleted. Each moderator, however, is allowed their own policy -- some prefer to give a warning before moving on to removing posts that flout the generally accepted rules of etiquette on the board.

If you really have no reason why your post was deleted, you can e-mail Ran and ask. If he deleted the mail, he'll tell you why, and if some other moderator removed it he'll forward your mail to them so that they can answer. Public questions about deletions will rarely be answered, and are usually unappreciated, as the moderators prefer to keep moderation decisions a private matter.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.