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GRRM Signiture...maybe?

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Hey guys,  so I recently went thrift-ing in hopes of finding a present for my husband. I came across a copy of "The Art of George R.R. Martin's A song of Ice and Fire".

I bought it and was about to wrap it today when I flipped through and saw a signature which I literally just assumed it was a scribble. I decided to google GRRM's signature before wrapping and found it was actually similar to his actual's signature. Don't really know if my eyes are wanting to see it more similar than it is, but considering I know some of you may have numerous authentic signed books, I was hoping someone could tell me at least if I am way off in thinking it may be real?

Sorry for crappy webcam photos

. tumblr_nz7pheprOj1rqyxb0o1_540.jpg  


and thank you for any input ^__^

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If im allowed to ask what is GRRM signature worth?

My significant other bought me a piece of card stock with his signature on it a few years back. I plan to keep it but just curious.

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