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Casting Choice an Audience Perception


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On 30/01/2016 at 0:21 AM, Channel4s-JonSnow said:

Yeah I read the book around the time the first season came out so its really hard to separate their appearances in my head. 

The big one is Jorah for me who is clearly 'a bear' in the books, but in the show is a shakespearan thesp. I actually prefer the show version however, I think it makes him a lot more interesting that he comes across like a standard hero but is actually a deeply flawed individual. 

Ramsey, whilst I actually hate the actor they picked, is a more interesting choice than had they gone for the brute as described in the books. I'd actually have a preferred a more 'Viserys' type of actor to play him. 

Daario is someone I really don't think they've managed to get right, both times. Old Daario was simply an awful goofy actor, New Daario is too standardly heroic and bland, I need a bit more danger and animal in him.


Agree about dario 

On 30/03/2016 at 2:37 AM, Ser Yorick Ampersand said:

Sandor Clegane - he is young only 27 years old. Younger than Cersei and Jaime for ex. When I tell my friends they are allways surprised. As much as I like  Rory Mcann's performance who is 46 I think it crippled the Sansa/Hound romance thing and made it way creepier.

It also made the Clegane brothers age not match their looks. Gregor is supposed to be 5 years older than Sandor and looks 20 years younger fighting Oberym...buzz kill.


Bloodraven - I'll allways hate the way the show treated Bloodraven. It really makes me mad. He looks like an asian Mr.Myagi hanging out on a tree. Not albino, no winestain and 2 f'in eyes:angry:! Somehow he looks youger and healthier than Maester Aemon (facepalm).

Now he's been recast (I hate the stupid recasting in this show) and appears in the trailers with super short hair and no beard :angry2:


Arya - Maisie Williams is great but she definetly doesnt have the Stark look. She and Jon are the only Stark children to bear the looks.

Even GRRM said in an interview her face is just wrong. How can you call her Arya horse-face if  her head is round like an orange.


Jorah Mormont - Fat , hairy , bald , ugly. In the show he looks like a disney prince.


Grey Worm - stocky, of medium height and square with stern look on his face ... The guy in the show is so skinny he looks fragile and never menacing. Am I supposed to believe he's the commander of the Unsullied?





Yes the ruined blood raven. I don't think they ever called him blood raven in the show <_<

Im on the fence with Euron. At the least they should have given him an eye patch and blue lips


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If they cast Ramsay as he is in the books, there's no way Sansa would agree to marry him and no way LF could later plausibly deny knowing what he was like. I liked the casting, not only did it make for a more interesting Ramsay than the cartoon of the books, but I was genuinely terrified of him.

My opinions about the casting in general are based around the fact that I didn't read the books until after Season 5, so all the actors from the show were already in my mind and I find it very hard to separate them. I can see why maybe people think Lena isn't Cersei as she is in the books, but her character isn't quite the same either. All the male show watchers I know get very pissed off if they think she'll be killed off, so I guess she's definitely more than attractive enough.

No-one calls Arya 'Horseface' in the show, and there's no reference to the Starks' long faces so I have no problem with how Maisie looks, to me she is Arya.

Sophie is beautiful, and looks even more beautiful in the snow!  She's a perfect Sansa. 

I think Kit is a bit too good looking for Jon Snow, tbh, although I think he does a very good job. 

John Bradley is cuter than Sam, and it probably makes him more sympathetic to the TV audience. Peter Dinklage far better looking than Tyrion but I think that's fine, some say it makes him less complicated. I'm happy with a less complicated (and less bitter, self pitying) Tyrion. 

But looks aside, the actors are for the most part, extraordinary, and they do capture the essence of the characters, isn't that what counts?


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In the books all characters are significantly younger than in the show. The older generation is supposed to be in their 30s and the younger - in their early teens. I liked the choice of Ramsay, Iwan Rheon is really good actor and very charismatic. I like Kit Harington very much and I can't imagine another JS, but has to learn a lot. Actor's job is to portray emotions, which I can't see.

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