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Arya / Bran theory


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On 5/24/2016 at 2:21 PM, GeorgeIAF said:

I have a theory that warging someone literally messes up his mind and leaves that person mentally handicapped. Look what happened to Hodor when he warged him, his mind was broken (and helped Bran in a way, making it much easier for him to warg Hodor in present day). I don't think that Bran will warg another person who isn't aware/ready to be warged.

Warging a human is said to be impossible in the show and considered an abomination in the books. Of course the more complex the creature the harder it is, so your theory is sound. I suspect that if you manage to warg into a human it causes something like a stroke or other side effect depending on the strength of the mind that is being warged. Hence poor Wyllis becoming Hodor. Simple lad just being a stable boy, warging wrecked his mind until the end. Which I suspect his mind returned to normal once he was at that hold the door moment. I hope that isn't true because that would make the scene much more depressing.

It also cuts the a different way for the warg with their animal. After a while they begin to take on bestial traits in their personality. This varies by the beast and the frequency of warging along with the time warged.

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