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10 minutes ago, Rory Snow said:

The flaw in this line of thinking is that it absolves the ones wielding the knives of any wrongdoing in the deaths of all these Northern leaders. Sure Robb made mistakes and the Freys were pawns, but it was Roose Bolton & Tywin Lannister that master minded the massacre at the Twins. The Boltons are the ones with blood on their hands yet the Northern houses blame Robb? Roose Bolton betrayed EVERY house in the North yet Glover, Umber et al chose House Bolton over Stark? That should be insulting and dishonorable to any self respecting Northman.

Totally agree.  However, we must pause and wonder what news was released.  He who controls the press, controls the nation.

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10 hours ago, Stangler said:

The point of Manderly and his speech on the show could be to unite the various northern houses after the battle. The Starks will obviously win but the north will still be torn apart and something is needed to help remind the north of their duty. Jon Snow is all about burying the hatchet once the battle is over but he needs a rallying cry that works. Manderly's speech would work really well plus his house is relatively new to the north and if they are showing more loyalty to the Starks than the others they will be more compelled.

I think they will appear sometime before the battle but their loyalty will be unknown or questionable in some way. 

I think the speech will be after the battle & not before.. For lobbying for Jon.. It'll create an impact along with Lyanna Mormont speech i think..

And all will hail Jon as a King in the North!!

And all will forget how badly show runners treated the North story..!! And all of us TGNC supporters' Watch for Winds of Winter will continue till it's publication!!  

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