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  1. Prose requires a reader's involvement.

  2. Mr. E and Silerx2, it seems to me that the show may skip the hints to Jon's parentage, at least until Bran comes into power. I think it will be something to watch the battle at the Tower of Joy through Bran's eyes.
  3. That thought crossed my mind, too. As for the other suggestion, as a fake Sansa, I think that Sansa has another part to play in the Eerie. I do not like that Ros survived the crying situation. It would have been totally in Littlefinger's character to offer teh customer the alternative whore, as he did, then find someone to escort Ros away, permanently. I kind of find the idea that Petyr would stoop to threats with Cersei and Ros as incongruant with his nature. He has a golden rule, to always keep his hands clean.
  4. I tried to edit the entry to change "after" to "before" and that action is limited to "Users", I guess I'm not one. :P
  5. Linda, thanks to you and Ran for keeping all of this straight. I don't want to add any confusion by arguing any points that may be debatable, in this thread. However, in the "Timeline" for Westeros, Robert's Rebellion, the first sentence says that Rhaegar abducted Lyanna from King's Landing. I would like to know if there is a citation for that, as I have scoured the five volumes and found absolutely nothing that even hints at where Lyanna was disappeared from. Thanks, again.
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