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Shock, Terror, Catharsis Summary (spoilers)

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I didn't think Cersei could ever be redeemed in my eyes...... but she killed it like unimaginable.  Ruining ALL her enemies, sacking Septa Unella and leaving her with the Mountain chanting "shame" as she closed the door.  I tonight BOW LOW to the show writers.  I'm frenetic to figure out my favorite part.  I was so relieved when Loras, Marjorie and Tommen's stories came to an end.  That really needed to happen.  And Lancel and the high sparrow also.  That was all turning into unwanted chaff.  "Confess" pouring wine in her eyes.  *swoon* I wanted Cersei to die so badly now I only want her to live and continue her terror on EVERYONE.  Her fabulous androgyny was like *oh* rock star

It was so obvious Arya's moment was coming, but watching it happen was no less than a victorious shriek of utter joy and happiness - vindication and orgasm.  She doesn't think anyone is alive now, so where will she go next?  Probably not North which is too bad.  Will her list cause her to infiltrate King's Landing next??  So exciting.

So now we know what LittleFinger wants.  I didn't expect that.  Now I'm convinced he will NOT be able to seduce Sansa, she's too smart.  THAT (learning LF's true desire) was a little underwhelming.  Varys teleporting back and forth from Dorne to Mereen harbor. lol

Ollena is with the Snakes now... that leaves Lannisters on their own with maybe Riverrun?  AND King's Landing forces since Cersei took her throne finally.  None of that makes sense to me.  Dorne wants revenge on Lannisters, Ollena wants it too... and then what?  So they burn down Casterly Rock, hunt Cersei and then what?  It's illogical and doesn't fit with what all is coming. Seriously, I know Women Ollena's age and raging fire and blood is not something old ladies are focusing on.  She would want to go find a comfortable bed and have many consecutive naps.  I just don't see it..  The SandRose is on the move now.  It's just lame.

So, the Wall MUST come down for the Night King to pass.  Interesting.  It has magic in it preventing them.

Winter is officially here.  What exactly that means is unknown.

#1 moment: Lyanna Mormont rant on the traitors and calling them out for not answering the call.  I thought for sure she was going to call for their heads right then and there  It saddens me that did not happen.  The guy was like "we have stood with Stark's for a thousand years!" and Jon just immediately forgives them.  Sending Lady M SOUTH?  He basically pardoned her.  Should have sent her NORTH into the danger alone.  Jon is turning out to be a wuss.

Dhario cringe.  Was that even necessary?  They would have killed him already unless he's expected  to return later.

Still I cannot connect WHAT is the significance of going back to Riverrun so suddenly and all involved like that?

The Truth of Jon moment was anti-climactic in that, those who knew it was coming were just looking for details.  But those who really weren't expecting it or uninformed about it could have been "wtf" is going on? 

SUMMATION: New King in the North.... A usurper in the midst (LF)... Cersei rules the Iron Throne.... Dorne/Krakens/High Garden alligned with Dany's forces........ Night King is coming.

Smaller battles leading into the final battle.

Obviously Lady M will connect with Brothers Without Banners............ but never has it been expressed even what they want, what they are fighting for (are they even fighting?) or what their goals are.

The High Sparrow was angering me, I am so glad to see that green blast go up his ass. 

All the time wasted on Marjorie's plan... she was clearly forming a plot to get her own "people" out of there while leaving Cersei to hang... this is one case where I say "ok, you ARE the weaker one" for not seeing all this coming.  She did call it at the last moment and the stupid Sept Sloths locked the doors.  I'm so freaking glad they got burned I could go pass a loaf over that.  Cersei was my hero in tonight's episode.  She cleaned up the board FINALLY and set the stage, while finally taking all the power unto herself.  OMFG that Septa Unella is getting her maidenhead snapped by Ser Gregor makes me want to sing.  Fulfilling on promises is a very important thing to me.  Cersei warned Unella and followed through.

Vengeance is a beautiful thing. 

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