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  1. I voted 9 and I never vote 10 on the basis something could always be better.
  2. This is a fantasy show dude. Books aside -- They erased 3 whole "kingdoms" or "houses" in 1.5 episodes. Where is Rickon? In Dorne... or, rather the Dark Dimension, where things go to make the script easier. Benjen is/was a Skrull and had been working with Heimdall in Asgard to see the nephews and using the Tesseract to come down and save them at the appropriate moments. In the end, Thanos will be revealed with the Reality Gem and has been working behind the scenes (sending parts of Westeros to the Dark Dimension) and Doctor Strange is trying to find them. Ultimately, The Avengers will swoop in and Captain Marvel will make her first appearance to dispatch the Night King. Jon will be given a new cloak and modified sword specially assembled by Stark Industries to join The Avengers next Spring in the new movie. The World of Ice & Fire is just another planet in a star system being monitored by Nova Prime. GOT TV series has been part of the Marvel Universe this whole time. How could we all have been so dumb?
  3. A song of the Phantom Menace? This idiot show now has told us you kill the white walker who turned wights and all the wights fall. The same assholish plot that saw 8yo Anakin Skywalker accidentally up on the base ship and as if he is playing WoW goes shooting up everything and blows up the base ship and ALL the turd drones fall down in front of Jar Jar who kicks one and proclaims "it broken". So now the white army is so less impressive since you just kill the main Walker and all of the rest will fall to pieces. EVERYONE loves fantasy but few will admit the best (the only) good part of Phantom Menace was Darth Maul. This is what we have now. Not an army, but an inserted plot where you kill one and they all fall down. http://cloud.foodista.com/content/images/8d715222016d54c156880a7ebd7d5bfa602758b3_607x400.jpg
  4. Iron Mother

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    THE BEST VIDEO SUMMATION FOR THIS THREAD! According to the POLL in this thread 43% of respondents voted this episode 5 or lower! What astonishes me is HOW can almost half of all respondents be voting in that low region while the other half voted 6+? How is this possible? I voted "2". It was the worst episode in not just season 7 but in ALL RECENT MEMORY. Not just for time-traveling ravens and chains from nowhere, but for actual real reasons like IT SUCKED and was almost 100% fan-service.
  5. I keep saying, all this is important. Do not underestimate it. Rhaegar Targaryen is the man who received visions........... and those visions led him to uncover the deepest secrets of Westeros no one knew about. Rhaegar will be explored in Season 8 ............... how he found and re-employed the Stargaate System from ancient of days that allowed The Children and First Men to travel throughout the continent (and possibly the known world) in miliseconds. One of the new spinoff series of GOT will involve ancient Westeros and special Targaryen teams who used the Stargates to travel to far away places of The World of Ice and Fire ---- and that is how they learned of dragons, how to tame them, how to use and forge Valyrian steel and how to use magic. Season 8 will reveal this Stargate system re-employed by Rhaegar and will change the whole dynamic of the show and explain everything.
  6. Iron Mother

    [Poll] How would rate episode 703?

    Though Cercei's method of death upon Elaria and (not) her daughter Tyene is elaborate and deftly described, the bastardization of Dorne wholly overshadows the entire event. The episode is the first prediction of what is to come: tying up loose ends in the most well-written way possible. Though, still - simply tying up loose ends. Elaria and Tyene are so overly terrified and frightened, they shame Dorne by their very performances (as written for the actors, of course). If Dorne is indeed represented in spirit by the Red Viper, those women would never have cowered in such a manner to show such exalted fear which is only written in to inflate Cercei's character and revenge. I rated the episode a 9 because it was a 9 for me. I am learning to separate the show from reality (of the books). It is still hard to do that. But I try =) Euron is just yet another twisted envisioning which the show somehow seems to crave to need in the story. In the line of The Mad King, to Joffrey to Ramsay (am I forgetting anyone?). Expected and canned. The characters of Jaime and Ollena was maybe the most authentic engagement. Jon and Daenerys was well written and acted by their characters and the supporting cast around them. It was what you would expect from both side of that. Sansa and Bran was touching, but I had a problem with Sansa proclaiming Bran as "the sole surviving prince of Winterfell" or however she phrased it. Jon, I guess, she still sees as the bastard brother and with LESS claim than Bran... and it is odd that she never includes herself as this, for she IS the eldest true-born child of Winterfell. Is this because it is what Littlefinger keeps wanting her to believe? Does she refuse to portray her own power and "right" to Winterfell because she is female? I am not sure. What does anyone think? I enjoyed the interaction and RESPECT given between Tyrion and Jon. I expected but did not like Daenerys' hard command to force a bent knee based on her name only. But since this has been her ONLY motivation through the entire show, what else can I expect. She wanted "eternal" fielty(?) based on ancient promises and her entire mode of thinking is off. She will cave when she sees she needs help. I believe she should have (or maybe Jon should have reminded her) that until she actually DOES sit on the iron throne, she should not be commanding people bend knees. She should be making alliances instead of commandments. Once she is on the throne, then commandments are appropriate. Daenerys now that she is seen interacting with a great house in Westeros, comes off more arrogant and presumptuous than I would have imagined. Seeing her that way in places she has already conquered is one thing. But she has conquered nothing in Westeros......... yet.
  7. *this might be an appropriate place for this thread?* It has been mentioned in passing even in the show I think but at least 3 times in the books that Cercei is sending fabulous "tapestries" to the Eyrie to Littlefinger from the King's Landing castle. I cannot think of a logical reason for either one of them to do this or it to be just what it seems. And why would it even be mentioned at all? Maybe it means nothing, but does anyone see an underlying "something" with that? It can't be to replace the tapestry from Sweet Robyn's flying porridge spoon...