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  1. Theories do not need to be proven. They only need to exist. Theories become more than theories when evidence is added to support the theory. I just gave you the most quintessential Science lesson of the modern world. Will you thank me? I have provided ample evidence without one word of MY OWN thought process..... using the show itself and the characters' extrapolate......... that Sansa wants LF dead in revenge for her being "sold to" (her words) the Boltons by him. This is her primary motivation for no longer wanting to be complicit with his lies and to finally (along with the fake/false show writers' plot of LF threatening her and Arya's "SISTERHOOD") pronounce death sentence on him. Yet her complicity in what she charges him with goes unpunished. She invited a known treasonous man into Winterfell and then broke Guest Rite by murdering him without a trial.
  2. That's quite a "theory" you have there. A long explanation as to what caused Sansa to murder LF..... except like most others in this thread, you cannot and will not say WHY Sansa hates LF or is enraged AT LF. I continue to say her reasoning is shown DRAMATICALLY plain in the scene where she meets with LF and Brienne and threatens Brienne kill him right then and there. Can you say what SANSA STARK HERSELF made plain in that conversation? Do you have the faculty to speak plainly as to WHAT EXACTLY she was railing at him for in that scene? Name It. When in doubt, look at the character and what she does and listen to what she says. If you don't do THAT, you are simply choosing to believe The Acolytes of Sansa (TAOS) and their drawn out theories that contradict what was even shown on the damn screen in the first place. While your Arya theory may be what the show writers botched to tie up the plot, what you also won't admit is how completely awful that plot was and how it made absolutely no sense. So, in a way, the show writers are also AOS and want Sansa to remain Saint Sansa........................... it's just unfortunate you sucked it up.
  3. Something blasted no such "theory" exists, but how is that possible? How can one person say a THEORY does not exist when a THEORY is and IDEA based on individual deduction. The above alone should bear out wtf is going on in this thread. Certain people reaching so far as to say "how dare you have AN IDEA?"
  4. This thread is not about that. However, who decides what theory exists? You do? I personally (me, myself) interpret the words and actions of certain characters and things portrayed in the show Game of Thrones to mean Sansa was pregnant and drank moon tea to "make your (Ramsey) line and house disappear". Some people consider abortion a sin. I am not one who does. I included that in her CATALOGUE of sins because somehow Sansa Stark has been elevated to virtual VIRGIN MARY by many people who can see no wrong in her and seem to want to battle until the end of time to keep her at that level of pristine "greatness". If I was saying all this about Cersei, there would be simultaneous yawns. But people do not see Sansa and Cersei in the same league. They are not ABLE to distinguish traits and characteristics and through a dull mind must cast a stone for GOOD OR EVIL. Yet, no one and nothing is good or evil. Sansa has much in common with Cersei, I personally think she is worse than Cersei. Cersei knows what she is, she admits freely what she is doing, knows what she wants, does anything to get it. Sansa commits evil, lies and kills while believing (and casting a spell on her followers) that she is CLEAN and HOLY with a righteous hand, completely deserving of good things and that she should be exempt from the consequences of her bad decisions and that murdering people in revenge while being complicit in those same crimes is OK. She doesn't even consider it. Cersei is the badass bitch that made me smile when she blew up the sept for the sheer greatness of her singular vision of vengeance. Sansa is utterly weak and cowardly in her methods of squeaky revenge whilst trying to make her own mind believe she is doing the right thing. Thank the gods Sansa has all of YOU to sustain her in these matters.
  5. You are approaching the truth. However, be real and recognize we are watching the STORY unfold, we have to take the STORY AS IT IS TOLD. We never blame the story for being the story. Or else, we would watch something else. Read something else. FIRST, the show writers are idiots. Is it then any wonder Sansa is an idiot in concordance with what they have made? But in the end, we cannot drag the "authors" (this is not Martin) into the scene and blame them. We are reflecting on the story. And in that story, there is reality and unreality. A whole lot of unreality is being spewed about the subject of SANSA AND LITTLEFINGER. I have read as many half-truths, outright lies and EXTENDED tales to explain away THE CHARACTER OF SANSA and her MOTIVATIONS for how she feels about Littlefinger. PEOPLE SIMPLY MAKING SHIT UP. Will this stop finally? Or will we go SO FAR as to drag the show writers out from behind the curtain so that the character of Sansa Stark can remain a purified noble woman of piety and goodness and love? Are we going that far now? The fictional character of Sansa Stark is SO important to us we will crucify the SHOW WRITERS instead of taking the show at face value? This thread is about LITTLEFINGER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROCLIVITIES OF RAMSEY BOLTON. If that topic does not interest you, there are SO many other threads you could be in right now.
  6. I completely recognize the idiotic writers created what you say here. They twisted the Sansa character into something so abysmal... yet, this thread is about GAME OF THRONES not SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. Therefore, I am judging the plot and character of Sansa as portrayed in GAME OF THRONES. The show writers cleverly planned to let Sansa out of total responsibility for everything, and to eliminate Littlefinger.............. but the fact remains, the character of Sansa HATES LITTLEFINGER FOR RAMSEY BOLTON. She used Littlefinger until the last drop, when he could be used no longer....... remained complicit in his crimes and gave him no trial as Mistress of Winterfell. Violated Guest Rite by murdering a man welcomed into her home while knowing his crimes, and pronounced FALSE JUDGMENT upon him (not for crimes he did not commit, but for crimes she was complicit in and did not ever really care about in the first place). Finally, her vengeance for blaming LF for Ramsey is false and unjustified since he was nor responsible for Ramsey. ON TOP OF THAT MESS, the show writers included the INCREDIBLY FAKE drama between Arya and Sansa in order to say "LF is at ultimate blame for messing with SISTERHOOD!" A hill of shit hath hardly been seen even on ABC or USA network let alone HBO. Then the final astonishing poop pile is to bend the ideas of GRR Martin so harshly as to cause him to purvey THE LAST KINGDOM over GOT S07!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I blame the show writers BUT MORE THAN THEM (since they are earning a paycheck for creating feces) I blame the nameless monikers here in this forum for bleating at these awful and FALSE story plots when REALITY says one thing, they create elaborate stories to be able to continue to love Sansa AS IF she is not just a WEAK CERSEI.
  7. Hardly anyone is posting in this thread for its intended purpose. This thread is not made for deciding whether LF deserved to die or was he evil or did he commit crimes. This thread is about why Sansa had LF murdered regardless of the REASONS spewed by Sansa as some proclamation. Her motivations are false even if LF is guilty of what comes of her mouth to condemn him. Or anyone else. Why will no one come out right and SAY why does Sansa hate LF? No one wants to say it because when they do, all the other reasons melt away and their false proclamations vanish.
  8. The character of Sansa Stark make perfectly clear to the audience in the scene with her, LF and Brienne in the tent WHY she hated LF. Prior to marrying Ramsey, Sansa was a baby goat sucking from the teet of LF for everything. For her salvation, her trust, her very life TWICE. Then she is threatening LFs life (using Brienne as her phallic instrument). What changed? RAMSEY BOLTON. No one here posting your trash with all your inane reasons can ever do a better job of explaining than the character herself. Perhaps I should have included that transcript also. Sansa hates Littlefinger because she blames LF for all things Ramsey. No FACT is more indisputable. LF is NOT RESPONSIBLE for Ramsey unless you create the illusion he is.............. which is the same as LYING. All deniers of reality please go to the lobby for assistance.
  9. Do you mean sooner as in WAIT until she could squeeze one last help in saving her life, her family, and Winterfell before she had him killed? Saint Sansa. People need to decide why EXACTLY Sansa hates Littlefinger. I see many reasons being vomited out in this thread. All the things she claimed against him in the Hall before having him murdered, she was complicit in by silence. She knew about every last thing she was putting him to death for, but she is excused. People need to learn what is the word COMPLICIT. I have said in this thread - and you seem like a reasonable person - that Sansa attacked LF after her horror with Ramsey. She approached him in the tent with Brienne and threatened his life. What THINGS did she complain about in that tent? Lysa? Jon Arryn? EDDARD STARK? Betrayal of the Tully sisters? No. She hurled one thing after another at him........................... all starting and ending with the word RAMSEY. Sansa is the one who came up with this false word "SOLD" me to the Boltons. No one sold her to anything. I provided the transcript in the original OP to exonerate LF for all things RAMSEY yet everyone keeps bringing in more and more reasons as to why she had LF murdered. Noe it is her "bond with Arya" that she blames him for? I DON'T BUY IT.
  10. If I recall, you were in the lobby for not being able to accept reality. But now you give spelling corrections. Instead, you should understand everyone knows the difference in one letter of his name does not change the idea LF is not responsible for Ramsey's crimes toward Sansa and yet that was the reason she murdered him while lying about it publicly. We have to make priorities here. To spell someone's name or to seek honest conclusion. Maybe you are DEFLECTING away from your inability to recognize honest conclusion concerning these matters............... which is why you were removed from the ride and sent to the lobby. To whomever said "calm down" please stop living life on your phone because written emphasis =/= excited or upset.
  11. This thread is not interested in Sansa's numerous catch-22 situations. This thread is interested in one thing: Sansa Stark hated LF and had him murdered for ALL THE THINGS RAMSEY DID TO HER when LF was not responsible for anything RAMSEY BOLTON DID TO SANSA STARK. Did you need assistance to the lobby?
  12. Do people read anymore? I said you or those like you (who believe things with no basis in reality) were livestock. Not Sansa Stark. No one deserves to be raped. However, Littlefinger is not responsible for Ramsey. Sansa hates him and murdered him FOR ALL THINGS RAMSEY when he was not responsible for Ramsey. Is this hard?
  13. Littlefinger was guilty of many things. However, he was not guilty for RAMSEY BOLTON -- the actual reason Sansa murdered him while claiming it was for other things in public.
  14. No, some people can make the distinction between LF being a bad guy AND Sansa murdering him in revenge for RAMSEY BOLTON for which he was not responsible. Obviously you are not able to make that distinction. *please escort jcmontana to the lobby*
  15. He was executed because Sansa blamed him for Ramsey Bolton -- which he was not guilty of in any manner. Sansa used his other crimes/sins to publicly condemn him, but her true motivation for hatred against him is perfectly clear. These lies must end.