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Jon Snow, King of the north and Vale

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Major houses and lords will forge alliances and swear themselves to a king if it improves their position/standing.

The Tyrells knew that Geoffrey and Tomen were bastards, but they went along with it since it benefited themselves. The lords of the Vale will similarly benefit from swearing Jon as their King since it will rid them of the sickly Robyn Arryn and more importantly, LFs manipulation.

Jon is the only person that has the right bloodline/house, leadership and experience fighting against the WW to command the fight against the coming storm. If the Lords of the Vale believe in the WW at all, their lives depend on siding with Jon. They know they won't stand a chance against the WW with Robyn leading them. Lets not forget that Lords of the Vale had sons that served in the NW and were killed by the WW (can't remember who, but I think one of the first three men that died in the opening pages/scenes of asoiaf/GOT.

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