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Drogon's Lair


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They're pretty far north:


North they flew, beyond the river, Drogon gliding on torn and tattered wings, through clouds that whipped by like the banners of some ghostly army. Dany glimpsed the shores of Slaver's Bay and the old Valyrian road that ran beside it through sand and desolation until it vanished in the west. The road home. Then there was nothing beneath them but grass rippling in the wind.

On the map there's nothing north of Meereen but the Great Grass Sea. The stream is to the south of Drogon's lair and runs south-by-southeast. So if Jhago's kalasar is moving north, they would have come on Dany before they reached the lair. It's also pretty certain that they would have seen Drogon flying around by now, so they know he is close. And a charred region with a single hill would probably be a place to avoid, not investigate.

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