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Is The Targ Merrying Targ Really Incest.

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1 hour ago, MinscS2 said:

I'm not a Throne-supporter. I just couldn't help but feeling some respect for his decision and how he ultimately faced his death. :)

In fact HBO merged Alliser Thorne and Bowen Marsh. Marsh was the moron. And my anger is against him. Thorne is much more like Randyll Tarly. Not that I like him much. But I respected his integrity. Both men. I'm not sure Alliser would have betrayed his LC like Marsh did. I'm happy GRRM made it not a question. I sincerely like Thorne. He is an invaluable man. As far as we know, he is still alive. And beyond the Wall, saw the wisdom in Jon's decisions.

BTW, funny how both Randyll and Alliser wanted to "teach" Sam.

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11 hours ago, LucyMormont said:

 We are off topic in this debate, and I've already said what I had to say, If you can not see th difference,  then there's nothing more I can say. You and I  have two very different takes on this, so we'll have to agree to disagree.  Anyway, it would be very boring if everybody agreed on everything :D

Agree to disagree. I don't see a difference nor agree that Northern Houses did not swear an oath to the crown. 

Just reading the sworn sword and this quote rang true:

“Treason… is only a word. When two princes fight for a chair where only one may sit, great lords and common men alike must choose. And when the battle’s done, the victors will be hailed as loyal men and true, whilst those who were defeated will be known forevermore as rebels and traitors. That was my fate.”

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