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Lord Patrek

Geeks doing good: Patrick Rothfuss' Puerto Rico fundraiser

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A little over a week ago, I got in touch with a number of SFF authors, editors, and artists because I wanted to organize a fundraiser for Puerto Rico. I soon realized that the logistics involved would quickly overwhelm my efforts to do good. But Patrick Rothfuss said that he was considering launching his own fundraiser. Since he's the brain behind a number of highly successful fundraisers with Worldbuilders, we were all happy to support his newest effort!

Rothfuss is even putting up 50,000$ in matching funds, which means that every dollar people donate will have twice the impact.

Follow this link if you'd like to donate a few dollars. . . :)

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Good job Patrick Rothfuss.  I've talked some shit about him in the past, but the guy is obviously doing awesome work here, whatever half-truths he's told about his writing progress be damned.  Good job, PR!

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This is more than I've ever done for anyone in my life and I now feel bad about the shit talking

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