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Lazy Leo and Lazy-eyed Yronwood

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I noticed some match between Leo Tyrell and Cletus Yronwood.


Cletus has lazy eye.


Leo Tyrell is has nickname Lazy Leo and one of his eyes is often covered by hair. Here:


Lazy Leo was slouching by the foot of the old plank bridge, draped in satin striped in green and gold, with a black silk half cape pinned to his shoulder by a rose of jade. The wine he'd dribbled down his front had been a robust red, judging from the color of the spots. A lock of his ash-blond hair fell down across one eye.


At the top of the steps, a pale blond youth about Sam's age sat outside a door of oak and iron, staring intently into a candle flame with his right eye. His left was hidden beneath a fall of ash blond hair.


Does this similarity hints at something? Do your have any ideas? Could be possible connection with one eyed Bloodraven or crow eyed Euron?

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The author just loves writing about eyes: eyes sparkling or wet or red with weeping or white with terror; diseased eyes; people with three or one or no eyes; people with hair over their eyes; people with eyes of different colours; even people whose eyes change colour (assuming this is deliberate).

At this stage what it all means is anyone's guess. Jojen says with three eyes you can see beyond the physical world. Presumably with a missing or obstructed eye, you're only seeing part of the picture, probably much less than you need to. Or maybe losing an eye makes it easier to find and control the 'third' eye.


Anyway, I like the link you made between Leo Tyrell and Cletus Yronwood. Both have blond hair, both have something affecting one eye, both are somehow 'lazy', both have a strong appetite for sex, both are good fighters.

What it all reminds me of is Jaime. Early Jaime has a lazy voice and smile. Early Jaime rides the one-eyed horse. A few things support this connection: Leo means lion, and Leo is wearing colours favoured by Cersei and Jaime. I don't see so much for Cletus, but the name might take something from Leto, the mother of divine twins.

In short, Leo is a mirror to Jaime, and Cletus probably is.


There's another way of linking Leo/Cletus too, like this: Leo - Cleos - Cletus (just playing around here :) )

Ser Cleos Frey is Jaime's cousin, who shares in the crisis of Cat's lost daughters and Jaime's escape with Brienne. He's not much like Leo and Cletus, except for the eye problems:


His eyes were pale and watery and he could not seem to stop blinking, but perhaps that was only the light.

He probably looks like a very faded Lannister: pale eyes, and thin brown hair, together with the pinched features of a Frey. Tyrion notices he's losing his hair. And this is what Jaime thinks:


The Lannister blood runs thin in this one ... Ser Cleos looked like a weasel, fought like a goose, and the courage of an especially brave ewe.

If Cleos is a mirror to Jaime, he's not reflecting the glorious surface, but the weak and shabby character beneath (something like Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray). It's an idea that needs a strong connection with Jaime to justify it, and I think there is that connection:

The journey with Brienne was the turning point of Jaime's life, the point when the old Jaime died and a new man was born. No coincidence, it is also the point when Cleos Frey died. Until that moment, Jaime had been longing to get back to his 'old self' - Cleos was carrying the sword he wanted, and riding the horse he wanted (a knight's palfrey, spirited but bred and trained for smooth and easy riding). Cleos dies, and Jaime takes up the sword. The 'lazy' horse has run away.

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