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We need more V. Steel at The Wall.

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Some of my thoughts on the subject of weapons against the Others:

So what do we have?

- Obsidian works; this will most likely be the material used for weapons for the masses, especially bowmen. And Obsidian does also work quite well for spearheads (+ range is good against the Others).

- Dragonsteel, which could or could not mean Valyrian Steel should work against them; I do think we have a synonym here, even if its not confirmed yet

- Some of the Valyrian weapons are missing. I always wondered, if the .... with blood inside the Targ family does have something to do with secret passages inside of Dragonstone only available for people with enough Targ-blood, so maybe Dany will find a hidden cache (containing the missing Valyrian weapons and armor of House Targeryen) on Dragonstone?

- And there is a smith who can reforge Valyrian Steel, who knows the spells, but did not manage to make new Valyrian Steel... What if the problem with making them lies in the "old" name - "Dragon Steel" - and you would indeed need Dragon fire to forge a Valyrian weapon? Maybe we will see Tobho Mott forging new Valyrian weapons with the help of Dragon fire?

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