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What is your theory on The Others?

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On 3/9/2019 at 9:26 PM, Ingelheim said:

I think the Others are somehow connected to both Jon Snow and Daenerys. They form the Song of Ice and FIre and the Others are back to kill them.

They were probably created by the CotF (I know people don't like the Show brought up but we have to take it into consideration, it's stupid to deny it) as a weapon against Men and their magic. The biggest problem I see with the Others is how the timeline works with them. Were they created BEFORE the Pact? AFTER? We don't know.

But I also think we lack key information about them and their motives. We simply cannot know what they truly want by now. I'm sure though their return is linked with the birth of both Jon and Dany. 

I agree with you there, but then I wonder if there is supposed to be a third person (three heads has the dragon) that purely represents Ice, to Dany's pure Fire, and Jon's combination of the two. 

My theory is that there has always been a give and take between the forces of light/Fire and the forces of darkness/Ice. At times one is more prominent than the other, and we see that with the Long Night and the Doom of Valyria, both of which were disasters based around the two elements. Right now, the balance is shifting towards Ice once again. There needs to be thing that happens that balances the Ice and Fire - perhaps an individual or individuals to create the balance in some way (the prince that was promised, the dragon has three heads).

But with Jon and Dany, there is still and imbalance, leaning towards Fire. Someone needs to bring in more Ice. Perhaps someone from the side of the Others? The only one that I feel would meet the requirements would be Bran, who is definitely connected to darkness and cold, in multiple ways. 

Perhaps the three have to unite in some way to bring balance, perhaps for good. 

Frankly, whatever the truth is, I think we'll get a more confirmation of how the book series is meant to end. I agree that we can't discount the show, given GRRM's significant involvement in it. I think after the show is over, GRRM will get asked a lot about how the ending of the show squares with the ending he envisions for his books. 

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