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Lord Varys

Names for new Targaryens

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If Jon is going to find out he's Rhaegar's son, I feel like he'd feel a little bit betrayed by Ned. This guy he thought was his father and loved his whole life kept this very important truth from him. If he's going to go name his son after him, he's going to have to grapple with his feelings towards Ned.

On the other hand, he's not going to suddenly adopt Targaryen traditions and naming conventions. I think he'd choose a Northern name, perhaps for someone he loves like Benjen or Arya. He certainly thought highly of Maester Aemon, but why would he name a son after Aemon just to have a Targaryen sounding name? He surely has as much love or more for Jeor Mormont. Or if he wants to honor another one of his fallen brothers, Qhorin or Donal. Maybe he'd choose Aemon, but I don't think the Targaryen thing would enter into it all that much.

Also, for a daughter, how about Ygritte? Or is that going too far?


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