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snow is the man

did you look up the spoilers for this season? No spoilers inside

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I caved and read that Reddit thread with the plot summary of the finale. Everything from the preceding 2-3 episodes seemed pretty accurate, so I presume the finale stuff is also (even though I hope it's not).

Remember, folks: it's not a "dumpster fire"...your expectations of the dumpster have just been subverted. 

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On 5/13/2019 at 2:07 PM, snow is the man said:

I usually look up spoilers to see if it is too depressing but I didn't this time. I am really regretting it now. So who managed to avoid spoilers for season 8.

The many silly fanfictions can be amusing in their own perversely revealing way, but I won't look at any legit spoilers for tonight's episode. One of the worst possible things you could do is to find a legit transcription of the actual subtitles that will be used, like what happened with E03. Those were completely terrible and highly misleading because so much was in the visuals no in the dialogue.

So I intend to just wait for it. I don't believe any of the fanfics — except for those ones where Leonard Nimoy beams in to mind-meld with all those cute little newly hatched dragons at the Dragonstone Vulcano and we learn than dragons have green blood because they're half Vulcan just like Spock.

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If the spoiler I read on freefolk about how the series ends is true, then GoT will go down in history as the worst finale of all time. And it won’t even be close. 

Its so bad that I really don’t even want to watch tonight. Just really hoping that it lasts wrong. 

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