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Why don’t the common people love Dany?

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This is a very relevant point in this episode. It is partly representing Jons rejection of her. It’s why Dany doesn’t feel these people are on her side. It’s repeatedly stated as fact and unchallenged.

But it makes no sense.

Since coming to Westeros Dany has never interacted with the common people. Even though she’s always found time to do this. At first I thought this was just a result of the show cramming. It didn’t have time to address, as seen in Feast for Crows, people already starting to make toasts to the dragon queen or putting on puppet shows where the Dragon eats the lion. In Dance Davos, in the North no less, hears people excitedly talking about the Dragon Queen in Qaarth. The books strongly suggest there is going to be some goodwill from the common people, if only because they hate Cersei.

This IMO is a massive plot hole and not adequately explained. It’s sort of stated as fact. Tyrion doesn’t challenge Dany on the notion that the people do love her. He never says “do you not remember those people in Dorne and the Reach?” It’s such an obvious counter that Tyrion not using it and no character challenging her claim that the people of Westeros don’t love her is really bizarre. The best way to convince Dany is to prove that the people do or can love her.

There’s two basic reasons why the common people would like Daenerys:

1) She’s Awesome

Daenerys is this beautiful silver haired queen who emerged from the fire miraculously with three dragons. She then liberated the slaves in Slavers Bay. The show tells you that the people of Westeros are so racist and wary of her being Aerys daughter (Rhaegar was also Aerys child n they liked him) that they ignore this? Entirely and universally? I find this unlikely. Remember how Arya talks about hearing stories of Visenya and her dragons? There is a lot of romanticism that should win people. If that was enough in Essos to convince people that she was basically a Goddess and have millions of people bow before her; that can’t win over a few peasants?

2 - Cersei

Should be the most reviled and hated monarch ever. She was accused of having murdered Rob, adultery, shamed by the Church, blew up the Sept of Baelor and as a woman has seized the Iron Throne without any blood claim. Her family committed the Red Wedding and ravaged the Riverlands. They killed Ellia Martel. Many characters remark on how hated Cersei is even up to and during this episode but it never amounts to anything. People really should be viewing Dany as a saviour who will cast down Cersei. 

The excuse used is that they are afraid of Cersei and that she has used misinformation.

This makes no sense. Cersei has little power outside the capital and Dany at various times possessed allied Lords in Dorne, the Vale, the North, the Iron Islands and the Reach. Plenty of people who could spread the good word. Not everyone in Westeros lives in Kings Landing where Cersei can control the narrative. Traders would be telling stories, as they do in the books of what she’s done and a lot of it would be positive. Plus, we clearly see people from outside Kings Landing entering the city, so word would spread even under Cersei’s watchful eye.

I could understand if there had been a scene where we see the Smallfolk actively rejecting Daenerys. Like she lands and start throwing dung at her; saying go back to Essos. We don’t see this. The closest you get is on the road to Winterfell where people are gawking at the dragons and unsullied. 

I cant imagine that Dany couldn’t land in Dorne or the Reach and not get the common people to like her. If for no other reason than to see living dragons and this beautiful queen they’ve heard so much a about. Northerners I can understand their reticence. But in the south she really should be well liked.




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