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Destiny of Jon Snow

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16 minutes ago, RFL said:

For the record was there any happy ending available for Jon?  He was disillusioned with life before the battle of the bastards and wanted it made clear he did not want brought back.   He also responds with "not that I saw" when asked if there was anything on the other side.  He doesn't want to lead but he is not a follower either.  

He doesn't have a choice in whether or not he leads. He stays in the Night's Watch they will eventually look to put him in leadership role. With the wildlings he will be a leader there too. 


5 hours ago, Black Arya said:

I feel Jon is a bit like Frodo in Lord of the Rings. All companions do their best but it is him who wears the big burden and saves the world from evil. And just like Frodo, he saves the world for everyone but not for him (in the books it is expressed even more clear than in the film). But Frodo has the will to leave and with Jon, we will never know.



There is a great article that compares Jon to Frodo. 


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But forcing him into leadership against his desires is not an argument that there was a path for him to happiness.  I would argue there was simply not one.  

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Jon was brought back from the dead.  Having served his purpose by killing Daenerys and preventing the darkness that would been under her rule, he should have died, like Beric.

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