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  1. Yes, I agree. Tyrion was supposed to be smart but it didn't show. That he became hand in the end was crazy. I wouldn't call that a ruined character, but bad storytelling. I suppose, better told, the same arc could be fine. Yeas, another agree. His role never became really clear. I never liked the Bran story arc. And yes, he became king out of nowhere, nonetheless not unexpectedly. The book was mising; they really didn't know how he might develop into a king. Well, here I don't agree. Yes, Jon was built up, but so was Arya and the deadly dagger from S1E1. This turn of events is fine with me. Jon as tragic hero is OK. I believe this will turn out very similar in the books, including him killing Daenerys. I don't see ruined characters here, but mostly bad story telling due to haste in S8. GOT is by far the most complex and intriguing story. Too bad they messed up S8 by rush and shortness. They should have made 9 seasons and tell the story properly. GRRM should have agreed to write the essential parts. Partly his mistake to let them rape his story.
  2. I cannot follow you criticism here. Stannis was presented different from the books, but he was presented consistently in the show. From the beginning on he was fallen for Melisandre, supporting her evil deeds and believing in her powers and misinterpreted visions. Stannis was weak inside and acted dumb and remote-controlled by Melisandre -- from the beginning on. The burning of Shireen was the climax, but it was in sync with his storyline and the overall storyline of the show. The sacrifice of Shireen delayed onset of winter and bought time for mankind to fight the White Walkers. So, how does it contradict what I have written? Which characters do you think are strongly ruined? The controversy of Daenerys is valid. But which other characters do you complain about?
  3. S8 was sub-standard and below expectations. That is bad and disappointing and frustrating. However, GoT is still the greatest TC show ever yet. There are so many aspects in which it is almost perfect and by far leading. No other series comes close. It's a pity they messed up the final season. But it is unfair to downgrade the whole series. I would watch a prequel, but I am somehow sceptic whether they can come up with a really interesting plot and character set. Prequels always suffer from the fact you you know the eventual outcome.
  4. I tremendously enjoyed seasons 1-7 and quite a lot enjoyed season 8 as well. You are much to focused on (a) expecting books and show to be in close sync, and (b) focusing on the bad aspects of the final season rather than the great aspects of the best TV show ever so far. Game of Thrones had a substandard conlcusion, yes, that is unfortunate, but GoT is still an excellent show. I don't see where House Stark is supposed to have been mutilated? Sansa and Arya are the main protagonists with nice and expected and book-synced endings as Queen of the North and as Adventuress into West of Westeros. Perfect ending for both of them. Bran is King and wil be King in the books as well. House Stark was not ruined at all, but got what GRRM intended for it and the storyline. House Lannister was not ruined as well. Jamie's arc of redemption was broken, but I like that it is no Hollywoodish but closer to real-life with shortcomings. Cersei's fate was clear for a long time in the show. House Targaryen had the percect fate. was is ruined about Daenerys being killed after turning Mad Queen? Very many expected this for quite some seasons and the ending really makes sense. House Baratheon has not been ruined in the sense of bad writing but in the sense of ill fate. Shit happens and it surely happened to House Baratheon. Show-Stannis was different from the books, but I like the show version.
  5. Yes, in hindsight we know these three are the main protagonists. And yes, show-Bran was boring, unimportant and his story not told well. Youquoted the correct sentences. Show-wise it does not make much sense that Bran suddenly turns from "never Lord of anything" to King. I sincerely hope this will make more sense in the books. I like the show-Jon arc, though. It played out pretty well, even the anti-climactic end fits ti this tragic character. Only the revelation of his parentage was cut much too short, but that is more a problem for the Daenerys storyline. Daenerys' story was really good in the show and I fully expected her to turn bad. It was just told way too rushed and short-cut. The parentage revelation should have caused much more trouble and should have played out in more detail and emotions. But everything she believed in, her right to the thrones, was snuffed out.
  6. I can accept that point. But back to the claim, that a conqueror would have to be the debts of the person he killed or from whom he usurped the throne. That makes no sense. That is no heritage. A usurper will not cover for his predecessors debts. Not at all. That is ridiculous.
  7. There is absolutely no overlap between naive, princess Sansa and clever prostitute Ros. None at all.
  8. For me 1-4 wer almost perfect and 5-6 still great. I agree with you. Much too rushed and a lot of inconsistencies due to that. Yes, these aspects of S7 were really annoying and dumb. Too rushed, yes. But I don't agree with the claimed character changes. If there had been a proper time scale, the changes would have been OK. So it's just an issue of stupid rushing the story along.
  9. I am NOT devoted to D&D at all. I clearly see the serious shortcomings of season 8 and somehow season 7, too. But I deny to go down the same black-and-white path so many haters, flamers and shit-stormers do. Not everything was bad and particularly not everything "makes no sense" or "is total rubbish". Quite a lot of issues are much too rushed, but with some good will it is possible to understand the story. Many movies require thinking along and that is not bad in itself. I am very disappointed by D&D and S8, because the greatest TV show ever should have had a much better ending. So, no devotion. But also no black-and-white bullshitting. Well, Lady Stoneheart (Catelyn) does not even appear. Stannis was changed drastically. Bran had this great ending, but quite a boring S1-S7 besides a few good scenes. Loras definitely IS a side-character, both in the books and in the show. For me it is OK to focus on some aspects of this character and since sexuality is important in GoT I find it fine that they portray homosexuality as well. Till S7 no one was moaning about Loras' fate in the show. Only now that the shitstorm has started, people find more and more they don't like. Thuis in unfair. This is whining about more of less the highest level of quality in TV shows. S1-S6 were great and we all loved it. No one complained about Loras. And now it's suddenly all bad?! He did so in the show, too. His role was somehow diminished, but he was a small side-character in books and show alike. I wouldn't call that "screw-over".
  10. I accepted that point. But if he doesn't want to have a credit, he does not need to pay back any old debts.
  11. Well, he "agrees" and is pressured by the IB -- that does not mean he has to. New loans, new conditions. It might be sensible not to apply for new loan at the IB anyway. But paying back old debts makes no sense at all.
  12. So what? That's not primarily an issue of homosexuality but of a rather small side role. Ros is "the prostitute", Loras is the "the gay sword fighter" and Mace Tyrell the "dumb wannabee". What do you expect from small side characters? GoT's small side characters are depicted better than in most other series. Even better than several assisting main roles in other series. This is moaning on the highest level.
  13. Very many things are explicit in GoT, including sexuality. Yes, so what? Ilove it that the show is more explicit about sexuality. If they had not been explicit, I am sure there would have been a lot moaning about not touching homosexuality. There is always space for whining.
  14. Really? He was masculine and an excellent fighter. Not so much cliche for me. Homophobia in medieval times is not cliche but realistic. Not really. It revolved around sword fighting, too.
  15. Not every difference to the book is "ruining". Yes, there are differences but some are even well done -- considering they had to adapt the content for a TV show. GoT has more important characters than any other show and even more characters were not possible. Edmure Tully is a little bit too dumb here maybe, but it was fine with me. The story did not suffer from it. Loras Tyrell was a splendid character in-show. What didn't you like, just considering the show? He was an excellent fighter, a smart man, a homosexual without typical cliches. Fine with me. Mace Tyrell was just a side-character and I agree maybe a little bit too dumb and ridiculous. They could have had him a bit more serious. Elaria Sand was great. The character was ideal for the show, just a side-kick but with some good scenes. What more to expect from a show? Euron was ruined somehow, much too much like comedy in the end. I didn't like that at all.
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