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  1. Did she?! Right. The one she locked into a vault to die?! We still don't know whether E5 was more a consequence of decision ("let it be fear") or freaking out. Both is possible and personally I tend to a mixture of both.
  2. Right. So what? Daenerys' reaction might be part a decision of "let it be fear" and over-doing it might be freaking out.
  3. She did not. It was there all the time. I wouldn't call it fragility but a streak towards violence, destruction, vengeance -- fire and blood. That she was all the time. No "sudden". It was clearly show all the time that she tends to violence. Season 2 "will burn down cities", then after the Dosh Khaleesi her pep talk again "destroy". Which might be really a narcisstic thing to "care" so much... she mostly cares for those who bend the knee to her. How do you explain all the rampage shooting in US schools and the like?
  4. Kajjo

    Why the bells?

    Yes, absolutely.
  5. Kajjo

    Jon's biggest error?

    No, I don't think she wanted to hear that... nor that this instance is "his biggest error". The major mistake was to bend the knee to Daenerys in the first place. She already committed to fight on his side and they should have continued as equals. That would have been typical for a Northern man and to satisfy the expectations of the North as well. He should have never waived to be King in the North. Daenerys as ally would have been fine for Sansa, but not submitting to a foreign usurper. But of course, in this particular kissing scene he could have explained what troubles him, e.g. the battle ahead. They should also gave had time to discuss the aunt/nephew issue instead him just retracting from her. Yes, eihter Jon is not the man of best words or the writing is bad.
  6. Kajjo

    It is not a pale horse

    Yeah right, in-show I fully agree. As to connotations the directors might want to make, the color scheme can have some relevance, though. Like Daenerys clothes white-grey all the previous S8 episodes and now clothed in dark.
  7. Kajjo

    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    This theory is very old and Sam delivering the story is even probable. If they had time for it. It is unlikely, however, that GRRM plays the role himself. That would be a big, positive surprise that kept secret. I like the comparison. We shouldn't carry this too far, but bombings and destruction after a battle is actually won has never been uncommon. Could be. This is not unreasonable.
  8. Kajjo

    Unpopular opinion

    OK, we agree on the story to be genius at least. I see the "too rushed" issue as well, but I don't feel the story to be ruined at all. It's still a nice story.
  9. Kajjo

    How will they react to what happened?

    See the Bran thread and my reply there. Just don't overrate the Bran thread. The NK was not the "end boss".
  10. Kajjo

    How will they react to what happened?

    For you, not for me. It's too much moaning. The general outline of the story is still fine. What exactly do you mean? (Anyway, yes, there have been time line issues, particularly annoying ones for the wight excursion.) A dragon without a ride does probably not care for bolt and does not really recognise such a completely new, unnatural form of attack? Ever thought about that? He was also severely wounded.
  11. Kajjo

    How will they react to what happened?

    While I believe the underlined statement to be true in itself, I am not so sure that this is supposed to be the moral of the story. It's more about power. The title is "Game of Thrones", a fight for power. "Ice and Fire" is about clashing of things that just don't go well with each other. It's an epic saga of power and different interests maybe?
  12. Kajjo

    Unpopular opinion

    E2 had a lot of fine dialogues and emotions. Jaime's trial, Brienne's knighhood, Arya and The Hound, Sansa and Theon. The show is simply to rushed and they should have taken ten episodes to wrap it up. It's not sheer incompetence, it's about not taking enough time.
  13. Kajjo

    Unpopular opinion

    I agree that the first seasons had so much more quality than the last one's. Not only because of GRRM the much better author, but also because the show itself was more daring, more provocative. The turned more mainstream, probably primarily for economic reasons, not just because they cannot write. But yes, altogether the complexity and depth of GRRM's creativity and talent were probably decisive for S1-4 being so much better. However, I contradict you for the "the stories no longer make sense". That's simply not true. Yes, the storyline is rushed, they tell instead of show, there should have been more dialogues, more emotions, more nice scenes of development. Yes, I agree. They should have made ten episodes again. It's such a pity. But the story itself still makes sense. Exactly as it would have with ten episodes. I would have enjoyed it more with more details and dialogues. But the sense of the story is not different. Daenerys turning mad was built up well. It would have happened anyway. Yes, they could have built it up even slower and with more details. Agreed. But that doesn't change the story. Whoever paid attention, expected it anyway. You are right if you argue about the quality of the show but not if you argue about the story itself. The story is still GRRM's and only fools think it will end different in the books.
  14. Kajjo

    This is all Jon’s fault

    First of all, let's drop terms like genocide. This was not about race, religion, ethnicity or a whole people. It was about one city, with probably a million inhabitants, most of them still alive, hidden away in houses. She causes unimaginable suffering and killed ten thousands, maybe even a hundred thousand. But not more. King's Landing in not extinct or so. This was about a rampage and instilling fear, probably about freaking out, but not at all about genocide. Secondly, of course Daenerys is responsible for her actions. She alone. Of course she is. Not Jon at all. But Jon's inability to reciprocate her affections were the proverbial last straw that broke the camels back. The kissing scene is the decisive moment where Daenerys decides "alright, let it be fear". That's true nonetheless. It just got too much for Daenerys. To less love. Too much hate. To many losses. To much hardship. To much lonesomeness. None of the other is responsible for her actions, but a lot of this triggered her actions nonetheless. There is an important difference between cause and responsibility.
  15. Yes, the Bran storyline is somewhat disappointing to me, too. I still don't see the deeper sense of the weirwood trees, the Children of the Forest, the meaning of a three-eyed raven and why the Nightking wanted to kill him. They cut that short, very short. Unsatisfyingly short. We will have to live with it and hope for better explanations in the books to come. I try to see the positive side as follows: Game of Thrones is about the Iron Throne, about power games and, most probably, about how the common folk suffers by the upper class' greed for power. We see very many threads in parallel, one of them is Bran's, the others are Arya's arc, Jon Snow and the Night's Watch, Daenerys, Sansa/Cersei/Tyrion (which split up later) and some simple spice-up with Iron Islands, Theon, Ramsay (them intertwining with each other and with Sansa's thread for complexity reasons and character development). Now I see the Bran thread as just one of many but not as the main thread. It has never been the main thread. We just thought so for a while in S7 and up to S8E3. But it wasn't. It was just an interesting thread with a common threat where people had to work together. That's all. One interesting thread with a culmination in S8E3 and quite a lot of boring scenes in S1 to S6, with the obivous exception of the Bloodraven/Hodor highlights. Bran's scenes were not important during S1 to S6 and they were just one of many threads that came to a conclusion in the final season. I can live with this perspective. Can you?