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  1. The reason Arya defeated the Waif was that Arya lived through her punishment as blind girl and knew how to fight in complete darkness. When finally confronted with the waif she flicked out the candle with her sword and killed the Waif in darkness. Well, yes, she could. Jaqen lured and recruited her with the promise she could kill all names on her list. Later on Arya got punished for killing Meryl Trant. This is still somewhat troubling me as it appears inconsistent. So, yes, maybe Arya is doing now what Jaqen wants her to do. Killing people on the list. On the other side, Arya left the temple and went home. Personally, I believe your theory to be wrong. Arya already has the ability to use faces.
  2. I just realised that the participants of this thread most probably have quite different conceptions of what kind of "favorite" is meant here. I like some actors, other less. I like some characters for their personality. I like some characters because they give rise to cool scenes. I like some characters because they are important or intruiging for the storyline. Further, some actors and characters changed quite a lot from season 1 to 7. Some vote for dead and alive, some only for characters still alive. They initial question should have posed in a better way. For example, I despise the character Cersei, but the actress is great and the character very important. Joffrey can probably only be despised. He's a evil little brat. But the actor was great in playing it. However, I don't really like the actor anyway,y et. Would have to see him in another role, probably. I like the early Arya very much (season 1-4), the late Arya is still interesting, but a little bit less likeable. Game of Thrones is extremely great for depicting complex characters that are not black or white, but detailled, credible, evolving, human. Thus, most characters have good and bad traits. GoT also has great actors.
  3. Hm, while I would have liked to see Arya more productive and in better scenes, too, I believe that "reduced to badass" is not fair. She is on a revenge mission towards King's Landing when she learns that her family in again in Winterfell -- and she immediately turns towards Winterfell. She has still a godd heart and favors family over revenge. Also she was not bent by Jaqen to do assassinations, but kept true to herself and decided to return home. It was Arya who understood Baelish' scheming and saved the family, of course together with Bran's visions.
  4. Kajjo

    Is the Azor Ahai Prophesy a Sexual Metaphor?

    Indeed, a valid hypothesis. ...and well explained here. This could work out. The best theory so far.
  5. I am sure this is not the case, because Arya defeats the Waif because she is trained in blind/dark. If blind training wre a default lessen of the training curriculum, the Waif would be able to fight in the dark as well as Arya. Thanks for you explanation ... however, I agree most the the paragraph above. Jaqen lured her to Bravos, offering her to kill all the names on her list. This was misleading and unfair.
  6. End of season 2 Jaqen H'ghar told Arya that if she follows him to Bravos: In Bravos Arya kills Meryn Trant in the Bravos brothel. Jaqen then punishes her by blinding. Why? Where is the logic? Why is she not allowed to deal the gift of death?
  7. Kajjo

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    Well, as I stated in my first post in this thread: My personal bet is on Dany. However, she wants to "break the wheel" and while I see her "taking all dear" away, I cannot really see her sitting on the Iron throne "happily thereafter". Maybe the throne will be destroyed? Cersei will die. She will not have a fourth child. Maybe Jamie or Tyrion as "little brother"? Or whatever.
  8. Kajjo

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    I agree. Everything else would be very weird indeed. Yes, it is at least probably. That would leave Sansa to be the YMBQ. Not impossible, but not really "breaking the wheel", though? Dany can die for many reasons even after the great battle.
  9. Kajjo

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    Cersei's Golden Army from Essos will try to hold King's Landing and re-conquer the South. Even if Jamie informs Dany's alliance of Cersei's cheating, the battle in the North will be more urgent. I don't think that Cersei will care for the NK and the great battle -- maybe until it is too late, or maybe Dany's allaince manages to win the battle without Cersei's contribution just to learn that down in the South new problems arise. That's an interesting theory. Not bad. However, the throne was covered in ice and snow in the Undying prophecy. And the winter is just coming for King's Landing... looks like it just turning into the right scenario... Concerning Cersei's death... if we take prophecies seriously here, she probably will die by Jamie choking her to death. Even when pregnant. Or by Tyrion. A fourth child is not prophecied, so Cersei will die before giving birth, probably not too late into the pregnancy. Till now only Tyrion and Jamie know about the pregnancy. It is not visible yet.
  10. Kajjo

    sansa, arya, and dany

    Back to the title question (I admit I haven't read the whole thread): Arya should be fascinated by the dragons and, thus, by Daenerys riding a dragon. Arya was very much into the dragon history and female heroes as dragon riders. I am interested in whether Arya and the dragons will come along or no contact will occur. I hope Arya will not focus too much on the battle in the North but head towards King's Landing after learning from Jamie that Cersei cheated. Cersei is still high on Arya's list and that would be a job for her, much better than dwelling in Winterfell. Sansa is already really angry ahout Jon having bent the knee to Daenerys. Sansa will not be happy at all about the love relationship nor about the Daenery's claim to be queen. Sansa wanted all her life to be queen herself and just recently found her "ruler" talents. I expect Sansa to stay lady of Winterfell and let all the other go for the battle. I cannot figure Dany and Sansa being really friendly to each other. They are entirely different kinds of women. Daenerys likes people who bend their knee, who follow her and accept her leadership. No one else so far. Hopefully she will focus on the battle ahead and not at Sansa and Arya. The revelation of Jon's position in succession to the throne will be the main uproar.
  11. Kajjo

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    I bet Danaerys will be the younger and more beautiful queen who "comes...and take all that you hold dear". First at all, Danaerys is a queen. Even currently. She has the power to take away what is left to Cersei -- which is not much anyway. Cersei's children are dead and Jamie walked off. However, the prophecy does not tell us that whoever takes it, will be queen afterwards. Probably, Danaerys will die. She can "take all" and still not reach the Iron throne herself. We know the Undying prophecy of dany walking towards the throne and not reaching it. Maybe the Iron throne will be destroyed, maybe the power of the Iron throne will be taken forever.
  12. Back to the title question: In the show Jon Snow is a very good swordsman. He acts as trainer in the Night watch and is respected by Tormund. He has earned the respect of Mormont who gives his family sword to him. He survives a lot of battles. Ramsays story is meant seriously, he does not dare to fight Jon. Whatever the book says, in the show we are made to believe he is excellent.
  13. I believe many member here have a wrong and over-rated picture of trials, sentencing and execution in this medieval Westeros setting. Ned stark executed the Night Watch's deserter straight away. Joffrey let Ned Stark be decapitated without trial. Brienne sentencing and executing Stannis Baratheon after the battle in one smooth go, Danaerys sentencing and executing Tarly father and son by dragon fire. and so on. Lords and Kings have the power to sentence to death. It's that simple. As far as the people in the great hall of Winterfell are convinced, Petyr Baelish is guilty of the crimes, they will be fine with it. Back to the topic: Ned Starks rule applies to men and it's his very own codex, not law or general rule of the North. Sansa and Arya act as "pack" here. I have no problem with that. But of course it depicts Sansa as kind of weak and womanly, and Arya as strong and androgynic.
  14. Kajjo

    The prettier Lannister?

    Jamie is much more masculine and attractive. Lancel is too boyish. Tywin is older, but still very attractive for his age. Cersei is pretty, but not really beautiful.
  15. Well, her role is too minor to mention her as favorite or least-liked, I guess. But yes, she plays nice and the character is likeable. Personally, I don't like the whole Bran story too much, though.