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Talking the Game of Thrones Endgame

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Linda has roped me into discussing the final season of Game of Thrones, with an eye to discussing what the choices of the showrunners mean (or don’t) regarding George’s plans for A Song of Ice and Fire. We think it’s a lot murkier than some have taken it, but see the epic, near-2 hours video (with handy timestamps in the description to jump to particular characters of interest) to learn more:

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Watched the first 25 minutes, thought to comment before losing this thought.

I was not at all surprised by Dany's ending in the series and think the books will have a similar ending for her.  If anything, bookreaders didn't get as much of a jolt because we always knew fire and blood would out (even if we hoped it wouldn't).

One major difference I see, however, is Dany landing in the South and having to take on Aegon.  Aegon got there before her, his company is made up mostly of Westerosi exiles and descendents, he has been carefullytrained to be a wise ruler, he has charisma, the right name, etc.  Dany - a woman - comes over with a bunch of Dothraki, Unsullied and Dragons.  She will not be loved.  She will not be hailed as a deliverer.  Her good intentions will be sorely tested and fire and blood will win out.  That scene with the Tarlys was a microcosm I think of what her actions will be not against Cersei's followers but against Aegon's. 

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