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Jova Snow

Empire of Dawn pt. 3

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This is part three of my Empire of Dawn threads, I will also talk about related theories of mine. If you are interested in previous two you can read them here ↓

Many thanks to @AlaskanSandman for the inspiration. 

Lion of Night

Lion of Night is an Essosi deity whose statue is found in House of Black and White, LoN is preferred by the wealthy anda described as a man with a lion's head. With those information we have, we can connect LoN to

• House Casterly 

House Casterly is a First Men house that was founded by Corlos son of Caster. Corlos slayed a lion that was troubling the villagers but didn't touch the cubs so Gods gifted him with the Rock and it's gold mines. 

• Second Attempt of AA 

Corlos' story reminds me AA's second attempt of forging LB by slaying a lion, the lion in Corlos' legend is a lioness and it could be a nod to Valonqar prophecy. 

• Nemean Lion 

There is also connection with Gerek myth with Hercules and Nemean Lion. 

• Ascending to Heavens

Gemstone Emperors and the deities before them were said to ascend to heavens in Yi Ti legends if LoN indeed become a celestial body then he is Shadowcat. 

• The Faith Connection 

Faith is the most anti magic religion now but they may not be originally. LoN is a deity that is with Stranger and Father, MMoL and GoD also tied to aspects of Faith and they form a Trinity that is now known as Trios. 

• Hooded Wayferer and Merling King

For now I have no proof but I think these two deities are also rekated to LoN. 

Maiden Made of Light

MMoL is a gift that keeps giving, because there are many connections to her within the universe. Though she doesn't have a statue in HoBaW, she can be found as

• Moon Pale Maiden

MPM could be another for MMoL. MPM is worshipped by Seaferers along with the Merling King. 

• Weeping Lady of Lys

WLoL does have a statue in HoBaW, as her name could be a nod to a poison known as tears. 

• Moonsingers

Since we already talk about HoBaW, I would love to talk about Moonsingers which I suspect to be related to Last Hero. 

• Lady of Spears 

Another important Lady, she is worshipped by the Unsullied, who burn their cut manhoods in her altar. I bet her fires are blue and she talks to them. 

• Rotten Blue Heart

Qarth is center of the Planetos, HotU has similarities with HoBaW and CotF cave, the gate of HotU is similar to Black Gate. Qarth is also where we first hear about Euron, Urrathon Night Walker he is called and I am sure he paid a visit to HotU. Rotten Blue Hearth could be a nod to heart of Nissa Nissa. 

• Lady Forlorn

Forlorn means blue, forsaken etc. and is known to be a vengeful lady. I think there is a connection to Nissa Nissa. 

• Mythology and MMoL 

MMoL is sınıflar to Electroyne from Greek mythology, daughter of Titan Helios and an important figure of Rhodes famous for its Colossal. MMoL is also similar to Akana from Turkic mythology. Akana is a Goddess made of light and has antlers. 

• Maiden and a Sword 

Galladon of Morne is a knight from Tarth legends, he was gifted a sword by the Maiden. Maybe this is a tale of Last Hero seeking CotF and Moonsingers gifting him with Obsidian daggers after his swords failed him. 

• Elenei and a Wood's Witch 

Elenei is derived from Helen which means shining one, bright lady, Elenei was a deitiy born to deities and exchange her immortality for love. She was the Other woman of Durran. I am also interested in the story of Wood's Witch and Tarly founders, Herndon of Horn and Harlon the Hunter, their descendant Samwell is tied to both, these brothers had a Wood's Witch as a lover and lived for thousand years. I connect these brothers to Semosh and Selloso brother deities of Essos. 

• Trinity within the Trinity

MMoL is a Maiden, she is also a Mother and an anti Crone figure when she turned her back to humanity. She covers three aspects of Faith and forms a trinity within one. 

• Ascending to Heavens 

MMoL could be associated with Crone's Lantern, Moonmaiden constellation and even the first moon from the Qartheen legend that cracked and gave birth to dragons. 

God on Earth

He is the son of LoN and MMoL, he is also

• The Last Hero

The Last Hero is a character from Old Nan's tales, he went to find CotF with his twelve companions to fight against Others making hik the thirteenth of his group. He seem to be Titan of Braavos with his broken sword and green hair and skin. He is also not named linking him to Night's King, the 13th LC whose name was erased. 

• Symeon Star Eyes

According to legends Symeon put (star) sapphires in his eye sockets after turning blind and went to Nightfort to watch Hellhounds. Nightfort is where NsK ruled and Rat Cook develled with a weirwood growing in the kitchens, and of course Black Gate and Coldhands can be found there. 

• Warrior and Smith 

I matched five aspects of the Faith with two deities and that leaves GoD as our Warrior and Smith. This seem to be tied to AA forging LB and fighting with it, I suspect the First Dayne forged Dawn himself too. 

• Many Named AA

Azor Ahai is known by many different names in different cultures. Huzhor Amai is closest to Asshai version, Yin Tar is the Yi Ti name, Neferion related to people of Nefer and Eldric Shadowchaser is the only Westerosi name among them. It is also interesting he is called Shadowchaser since shadows of Long Night was said to terrorize Essos not Westeros but maybe shadow also refers to cold wind, mist, fog that brings Others and even Stonemen, maybe Eldric knew Whights (Stonemen) are only thralls of Allah higher entity. 

• A Thief and a Dragon Rider 

North of the Wall the star of Smith is known for Thief and connected to bride stealing by Free Folk, but I think he is also the Other rider of the Ice Dragon and the Sword of the Morning. 

• Broken Sword of a Treacherous Prophecy 

GoD as Last Hero and AA means he forged Lightbringer three times laboring for 180 days sacrifing his beloved wife only for his sword to shatter when facing against Others. Prophecies aren't mean to be trusted. 

• Pale Child of a Pale Maiden

As son of MMoL, GoD could be Bakkalon the Pale Child, and might be tied to Crasters' sons. 

Pearl Emperor

Previously I identify Pearl Emperor with House Stark due to Goblet of Rosetta's direwolf being made of pearl. But I think there are other candidates as well. 

• Gaven Greywolf

Gaven Greywolf was a Warg King defeated by Stark King and him and his kin were killed but Gaven's kin could survive in Iron Islanders or maybe it is the other way around first of First Men came from the West occupied North and Iron Islands then connected to mainland, and later lose the power to Garth's party. 

• Grey King 

Grey King sits on a seastone chair made of Nagga's bones, wears a crown made of Nagga's teeth, and has a Weirwood cane. Nagga is said to look like a Weirwood and Weirwoods don't rot, they turn to stone. Grey King is a great candidate for a greenseer. 

Jade Emperor

Jade Emperor is tied to House Hightower, although it is falcon of Arryn that was jade in Goblet of Rosetta. Our Jade has a greyish color as there is another Jade Emperor who is specifically called Green Jade. 

Hightowers especially historical ones like Uthor and Urrigon has names similar to Iron Islanders and could predate Garth as Garth's daughter married into the family. 

• Dream Stone

House Hightower is stricktly tied to the Citadel as it was founded by Peremore the Twisted, another greenseer candidate. The Citadel has Glass Candles and Jade is known as Dream Stone, weirwoods also causes dream manipulation as seen by Jaime and Theon, moon is another source as witnessed by Jon. 

• Daeryssa and Urrax 

Before the arrival of Targaryens there were Velaryons and Celtigars we have no deifinite proof these families had dragons but the existence of Urrax as well as Cannibal might suggest non-Targaryen dragons roamed Westeros. Velaryons also has a driftwood throne and might have ties with Vale and Alyssa Arryn's waterfall, Sisterton with their webbed fingers, Crabbs and their half human half deep one hybrids. 

• Halfhand and Halfmaester 

If there were any asoiaf hills that I will die on they would be about the identities of Haldon and Qhorin. These men has both Northern-ish/Iron Islander names with grey eyes. Gerold Hightower wounded his hand during the attack of Kingswood Brotherhood, and the old WF maeter who is missing since the rebellion had a Hightower mother. Walys Flowers is son of Archmaester Walgrave who also knew Cressen confirming Maesters were involved in Southern Ambitions (somewhat), Walgrave himself seem to be a Florent and he has a lock of fair hair in his possesion, both Lynesse and Alerie has fair hair. I think it is possible Walys' mother was Mad Maid Malora which explains the reason why she is still called a maid and can't leave High Tower. Her son was stolen from her and she went mad with grief. 

Tournaline Emperor

Tournaline is a bitch, this gemstone could be in every color known to men. Previously I connected Tourmaline to House Durrandon but I think this gemstone is tied to Riverlands in some way. Riverlands is famous for the Trident and the branches of the Trident are named after colors. House Bracken seem to be tied to House Ryswell and Ryder before them. House Blackwood is a house that was exiled from the North, and even House Strong is tied to House Stark as well as House Baratheon/Durrandon? 

Onyx Emperor

Onyx means thorne and thorne is Dorne, specifically house Thornwood as we are talking about a time before the Andals. There is even a House with skinchangers. Dorne also has an interesting comparision with Stormlands where Stormlands are always rainy, Dorne is drying. Maesters says this is because Durran stole Elenei but rain is important for agriculture and if both Iron Islanders and Garth's Men came through West of Westeros then there should be a reason why arm of Dorne was cut off, for a people that never stole a goddese they sure suffered. 

Topaz Emperor 

Topaz is Garth the late commer, wity his green skin and hair and antlers it is a curious thought that he didn't had green eyes. Garth said to have thirteen known children but I have doubts that Tarky brothers, Rose of Red Lake and Florys the Fox is actually his children. Garth is strictly tied to Order of the Greenhand, we know Manderly is a member and I suspect Olenna is too. Garth is also tied to Greenmen and Garlan the Gallant is a Green Knight figure. There seem to be skinchangers among them too, Ellyn with bees, Tyrells and hawking, John the Oak and Rowan Goldtree is interesting figures too, oaks are linked to Weirwoods and Goldenrod from mythology linked to Underworld. Bors the Breaker is another child of Garth that drank bulls blood and had horns, he seems to be linked to Aquan the Red Bull. Lann the Clever is either son of Florys or Rowan, I lean toward Florys as I don't think House Casterly survived for a long time but I can see Rowan connection as well with her Goldentree Underworld imaginary, and we do have Mance and his spearwives sneakinh to a castle, one of them is named Rowan but not Florys, maybe it is Rowan who predates Garth while Florys has some Velaryon/Hightower blood due to -rys name? 

Opal Emperor

Opal is an another bitch. In Goblet of Rosetta, Opal is fire opal and tied to Dorne but I am not so sure. Opal is known to be oily and glassy, and precious opal is tied to play of color, Opal means stone and maybe we should travel towards the Vale again? Vale is famous for their Winged Knights as well as Griffin King. He is a legendary figure that lost to Andals, I suspect his kin left for Stormlands and founded Griffins Roost, Conningtons known for their red hair, and Jon Con has pale blue eyes tied to opalescence. I can see Opal as a Viserys I/Balon figure, originally a rational man he could think his elder daughter Amethys were a better heir than his son Bloodstone especially considering Bloodstone is red ande green both colors associated with greenseers, so he may not be a healthy child. 

Amethyst Empress and Bloodstone Emperor

She is tied to House Dayne of Starfall while her brother is House Dayne of High Hermitage. After so many grey-black colored gemstones with green-blue hues it's our first encounter with violet eyes. Amethys Empress was usurped by her younger brother but I think we might be reading the tale wrong, we are told Bloodstone caused a Long Night but what if as a greenseer/dreamer he tried to stop one and found out the only way to do so is sacrificing someone he loves? Amethys will be our Nissa Nissa sacrificed to stop Long Night and his tiger wife was actually a CotF? High Hermitage is a great candidate for Church of Starry Wisdom, and could be another Citadel welcomed to higher mysteries after Citadel tried to erase magic. 

That's the end of my Empire of Dawn threads though most thinks are same there are also changes. 

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